Monday, July 19, 2010

Amazing God Moment

So if you read my blog at all you will remember my Crusader Camp Blog post about the girls and the rope. Well I have been so concerned about the little girl that was being bullied. I have been praying for her. I know kind of silly but she has been on my mind. I hoped that did not spoil her feelings about God, camp, friends, life in general. Kids can be so mean.

Today I am in North Little Rock sitting in the ICU waiting room (still here with my aunt who had the heart attack, then congestive heart failure). I just looked up (yep I am in here working today at the ICU waiting room) and the little girl is sitting in here with her Mom.

I said I remember you from camp- you were at crusaders camp weren't you? She said yes Ma'am. I said well remember when those little girls were pushing you against the wall over the rope- I was the one that threw the rope away. Her Mom got up and came over and hugged me. She said you were the one that helped her that day. She has talked about that over and over. I said- well I think the motherly instincts just kicked in. I talked to her for a while today. She is such a cute little girl.

Why is this a God moment? Because I was so worried about this little girl, praying for her, hoping that she had an okay time at camp- and today's little conversation brought closure. She is fine. We are at a hospital 45 miles from her home town and 35 miles in the opposite direction to my house. God saw fit to bring us together- just for the simple fact that I could smile and know that she was okay. Guess what- She is excited to go to Crusaders Camp next year. God- you are so cool- you flat out amaze me. Thanks for caring about the tiny details and concerns in my life and letting me know that things are okay!


Girly Muse said...

This made me cry. What a special thing for both you and her...God is so good.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Aw, so glad she went home remembering the good and not dwelling on the bad. Cylinda, the superhero! Rescuing one camper at a time ;)