Monday, June 28, 2010

Give me that rope....

Friday was the last day of Crusader Camp. I can't say that I miss the heat, mosquitoes, amazing camp meals, or the constant heat (oh my bad did I mention that already).

The last day I think people were frazzled. Well let's put it this way- the three girls that I caught in a fight in the bathroom were. Two girls were holding girl number three to the wall and trying to grab something out of her hand. I ran in there and said- girls what are you doing? Leave that girl alone right now. The two guilty ones said- she has rope and we want it. I said ROPE? You all are fighting over rope? I grabbed the rope away from the girls and put it in the trash. I said there- now you don't have anything to fight over- go to church. They were NOT happy about that.

I later saw the girl they were holding down in the yard. It appears that she had been pushed in the mud after I sent them to church. I called her in and helped her clean off her back. I felt so bad for her. Especially since it was her first time at camp. I can just hear the therapy session years later- my life was fine until I went to that church camp where the kids held me down and were trying to get that rope from me.

It brought me back to camp Galilee where I was a counselor years ago. There was one little boy that got into trouble daily. His stunts included- bringing a frog in his pocket to the tabernacle, slamming on ketchup packets to squirt his friends, and keeping syrup packets from breakfast in his pants so he could lick his fingers all morning.

I also remember a girl that went to the lake and put seaweed in a girls sleeping bag. That same girl put sand in another girl's sleeping bag, and was caught staying in during devotion time to read another girls diary. She would spray off "in her eyes" at night and have to run into the bathroom to wash her eyes. Oh wait- that little girl was me. I'd better quit confessing- my 9 and 11 year old might read this one day!

Have a great week. I am getting the girls ready to head out to NC with John in the AM.

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Amy said...

HA!! the rope is too funny!!

You know, all humor aside, the pranks at camp are really a deal breaker for some kids. We have kids that will refuse to worship in service YEARS later and its because of pranks that were done on them at camp years prior.

This year, we had all these high school kids who were punking the jr highers. My husband finally had enough and the second to last night he sat in the hallway of the high school dorms until all lights were out and not a soul was moving. It was 4:30AM. The next morning, the jr highers came up to him and thanked him over and over, with tears in their eyes. That night, 2 of them got the Holy Ghost. My husband said he would sit up till 4:30 Am again if that's all it took to get them the Holly Ghost! ha!

Man, if only these kids knew what they were doing to each other. So sad! Some of them will answer to God for those lost souls. :(