Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things that are making me SMILE today

So I have three weeks until the MK Retreat. Right after that is School of missions- then I have about 3 weeks to get my self together for General Conference. August and September are the two cranking months for MK Ministries. In the midst of stress- I have some of the funniest things going through my head.

Things that are making me smile today-

1. Even though it is 105 degrees out (yep it was yesterday) I still look good in my flip flops. To us fluffy girls- we don't look this amazing during boot season. I am the one who walks into DSW and the workers all scream and go on break yelling to each other- if I have to deal with another fat legged woman I am quitting. So yep- flip flops make me smile.

2. Exaggerated thoughts in my head. The Lord just saw fit to bring an amazing renter to our home in NC. We were going to put it on the market to sell and a friend of a friend contacted us to rent it. It was one of those God things that slapped us in the face so we said - sure. Today while stressing and daydreaming at the same time I thought- how funny would it be if we added strange things to the contract like:
A. No singing allowed in doors- take it outside
B. No tap dancing allowed.
C. No stuffed monkeys allowed on premise.
D. No Chia Pets.
I thought of this and starting laughing so hard. The girls are away this week- it was me and my computer. The moment was so good I had to text it to a great friend who gets my wacky sense of humor.

3. I am not going to the hospital today. It is the first time in about 2 weeks I am not heading to a hospital. My aunt went home yesterday. So grateful to God. My hands are also rejoicing. I use Purell, disinfecting wipes, and that awful smelling foam so much at the hospital- that my hands cry at night. They shrink away when the wipes come out. I need therapy- GERMAPHOBIC.

4. Pringle. Yep- my puppy that I threaten to get rid of has made me laugh today. I have at times worked with one hand so that I can hold hold onto the hair elastic that is his prime stolen possession today. He has played with it for hours. It is wet, slimy, but still has not broken.

5. Diet Coke- It bubbles in my mouth.

6. A clean house. I am not kidding or exaggerating when I tell you I worked on this house for 10 hours on Saturday. Ask any of my 2 children- they will tell you I went crazy. I had them clean out closets, actually dust their room, hit the baseboard, the whole nine yards. I was so over tripping over dust bunnies. They were multiplying and eating carrots everywhere- it was a mess.

7. I have great friends. I really do. I have friends that are far away (most of them are) and they will send a random text JUST when I need it. I have new friends on the way- and far away friends that are coming to AR next week. I have friends that I can text and rant to. I have friends that give me amazing Birthday purses. The same purse that I picked up 3 times in Target and would not buy for myself. That friend lives 10 hours away- so how could she know? I am blessed with great funny people in my life.

I am heading to St. Louis tomorrow to pick up Emma. She has been at my parents this week. Seanna who has been at the lake all week is coming home tonight. Smiling too cause I get to see my little drops of sunlight (my girls) in hours.

Love you bloggy buddies.

And AMY M. I don't know that we can be friends any longer- you happen to look amazing in boots. Wish I had Barbie legs to snap on in the fall.


Kathy McElhaney said...

YOU made me smile today.

Thankful your aunt is out of the hospital.

Love you.

Girly Muse said...

I love your happy thoughts. You make me giggle. Love you so.

Savannah Forsythe said...

ok, so this just makes me miss you so much! Ugh....Ahhhhh....ok, glad we took care of I can go back to living my life without popping up at your house whenever I want...uhhhhhh....Love you!