Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Funny and Sad- Kind of like Kettle Corn - but just not food related!- 12/11/07

So Sunday for some reason Emma woke up really missing her "Grammie". She talked about it all the way to church, and wanted to pray on the way to church. She is realizing that she won't be able to see her for Christmas.

So she said let's pray that Jesus will let her come back for Christmas. So I had to explain all of that to her six year old emotions. When she got to church she was till thinking about it. In class she requested prayer that her Grammie would come out of her case and be home for Christmas. The kids in the class laughed at her and she was mortified. So while taking out my attendance/offering. I see her out of class crying with Penny. She just said she was tired. But when I held her she told me the whole story.

I told her it was normal to want her home- but let's be happy that she will have the best Christmas ever.

Earlier in the car- she was trying to think of John's Dad's Name (John's Dad passed away when John was 8 so the Kids don't know much about him) she said was my Grandpas name Larry or Bob? I said no that is the Veggie Tales Emma- his name was August- she said well I knew it was something weird like that

We have teased her and laughed about that all weekend. It was the joy that brought back the smile on her face. She still does not want to sleep alone at night. She wants someone with her. She still tears up when she talks about her Grammie.

I finally told her on Sunday Night- when she was very tired- you know what Emma- I think I would be worried about you if you didn't feel this way. She said really? I thought I was just weird Mom. I said nope- it has only been a month.


I thought back in my life about time when others have laughed at me. Some scars are from Kindergarten- when I brought in my perfect show and tell item- a dog made out of marbles- Tony Pintaro- thought it was weird- picked it up and one of the marbles fell off and it broke. The Class Laughed.

Second Grade while running up to my teacher to erase the board- I slipped- the class laughed- and I had 2 stitches and had to be taken to the hospital.

Fifth Grade I was in a new school in the US. I didn't have anyone to sit with at lunch because they all told me that the seat was taken. I sat alone...and they laughed. I then snuck off to read alone in the library. My books- My friends.

The 10th Grade- first day of school- new school- I was dressed up- they weren't - They stuffed my locker full of trash and laughed as it all fell on top of me.
They laughed- I didn't.

First year at Bible School. I did not have any winter clothes. I had a coat from my Grandma. I had never walked on salted ice steps before. I launched out- Fell flat on my back. Ripped her coat. I was horrified- They laughed.

Isn't it amazing that you and I can all sit down and remember times when we were funny to others- and not included in THEIR JOKE?


I can think of those things today and it is just as hurtful as the day it happened. As a Mother I want to shield my girls from harsh and hurtful words, as a wife I want to shield my husband from others falsely judging him, but as a person I long just like you do- for genuine care and respect. A warm enveloping hug on a cold day. A hand to pick me up, a band-aid for a bruised knee, and a quick shared laugh- realizing that tomorrow is a new day.

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." (Proverbs 25:11)


Journey to Lilly! said...

Cylinda, I feel so bad, after all of these years to find out that I am responsible for a scar in your life!! I have no recollection of breaking your marble dog. So let me please formally apolgoize to you in front of the whole blogging world. I am so sorry for breaking your little do. Was this at church in Cochrane?

Your old Friend... Tony Pintaro

PS> I saw Steve in Montgomery, Alabama several years ago, I believe he was on deputation. You can check out my wifes blog at www.pintaroadoption.blogspot.com
PSS. I signed in to comment on your blog using my wifes account.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Okay HOW SMALL is this world- Hey Tony- HOW are you? How is Frank? You have a beautiful family. I will comment on your wife's blog so I can talk to you all!

Anonymous said...
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