Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi- My Name is Cylinda and I used to keep my blog updated...

SO um yeah- I guess you all have not felt the love lately huh?

Well last Wednesday a wonderful man was working on my parent's roof in Mayflower, AR (30 min away from our home). He fell off the roof about an 8 foot fall. I got the call that he was being medivacted to a hospital and to please try to find the family. I did not want to give them any information until I knew where they were taking him. The town of Mayflower is not too large and it was a process to find out where he was being taken to. As I drove like a speed demon over there I had the girls praying for no police (yes I did). I finally found out where he was being taken too. I got to the house- John met me there to put away tools, lock up his truck, take his belongings to the hospital.

He broke two vertebrae in his back, bruised his brain, and has some other things going on. He needs our prayers. His Name is Rev. Glenn Cox. You can keep up with his update and let the family know you are praying at .

Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun My Dad was in town so I was helping him and we wanted to be there as much as we could for the Cox family. They are just such warm, wonderful, gracious people and I know that GOD is completely able to touch him.

Tuesday I got the call that my Aunt had a heart attack during prayer meeting. The girls were in PJs. They changed in the car and I did their hair in the ER. She ended up moving to hospital number two- going through a procedure to find out she did have a heart attack, there was a blockage that moved due to high dosage of blood thinner, and she did sustain damage to the front and bottom of her heart.

Wednesday was day two at the hospital. She had a lot of visitors. Today is being moved to a step down room- but no visitors. She has to regain strength. Her husband can stay with her full time in that room.

Tuesday Night- while leaving the hospital I fell on my bum while getting on the escalator. The positive thing is that it was SO late at night- no one was there to see it happen. But isn't it funny how we all bound up so quickly when we fall and look around and smile to the world (when no one is looking).


I want to also have you pray for Danny Riddick and Christy Edge Riddick. They have a little girl born at 25 weeks whose name is Mikele- She is a little doll. You can follow her progress at. I know that they would greatly appreciate any prayers you can send their way. She was 11 3/4 inches long at birth and weighed 1 lb and 2oz. She is up to 1 lb 4 oz.

Emma I think sums up things in a perfect way. When I got home last night she looked at me and said- you are gonna have a LOT of hours to make up for at work this week Momma- but at least our life is never boring.

That is true! Thanks for all of your prayers for The Cox family, Mary Jeanette Brady, and the Riddick three. The Great news is that we serve a HUGE GOD!

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Girly Muse said...

So sorry you've been going through it over there, my friend. Praying for these needs. It has been good to hear some good progress reports about Bro. Cox & Sis. Brady. Thankful they're improving!!! Will pray for little Mikele...

Hope you can rest and recover yourself pretty soon. Love you lots.