Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Abide= Stay, Stand, Dwell, Remain

The word Abide is not the top trending hash-tag on twitter this week. In fact in 2012 it goes against our very nature. We hit a bump in our road- we pack our bags. Someone was not kind to us- we look for a new church. Our friend had their phone off for family time- we tag them as a deserter. We go to a time of  "Prayer" but quickly leave when we hear a ding on our phone because someone "liked" our Facebook status. We need a refresher of what it means to abide in His presence.

To abide is to stay, stand, dwell, and remain. Abiding means staying the course.  It is what he desperately wants in our relationship with him. He longs to be involved in every aspect of our life. John 15:4-5, 16 explains it clearly to us:

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.
You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.
"I am the vine, you are the branches. Abide in Me." - Jesus:
He stands with us- he waits for us to turn to him. When we die out to self we know that there is nothing about us that is not formed, shaped, or fashioned without God. Anything that is half way acceptable about our lives just comes from the fact that we are abiding in him. 

I have been reminded this week of a hero of the faith who loved to linger with Jesus. In "Heroes" Harold Sala tells the story of David Livingstone- who faced great loneliness as a Missionary in Africa after his wife Mary died. After 16 years in Africa he returned to speak at the University of Glasgow. One of his arms could not be used due to a lion attack, his body was useless due to 27 bouts with malaria. His face was weathered. A hush crept over the students as he said the following" Shall I tell you what sustained me amidst the trials and hardships and loneliness of my exiled life? It was a promise, the promise of a gentleman of the most sacred honor; it was this promise, 'Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.'" At his death, his body was found bent in prayer-kneeling at his bed. His bible was open to Matthew 28. In the margin was a note" "The word of a Gentleman."

God has all resources. As we abide in Jesus, He pours Himself into us. From there we have a spring that we can bless those near and far.

When we abide in Christ- his word, in prayer, in time alone with him- our lives can't help but be changed.

Be obedient to whatever need God puts before you today and fully commit to helping that person in need.  How long has it been since you have just sat quiet in his presence? He waits for you today to abide with him.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Five little letters that so vividly describe our spiritual state. 
They have slapped me in the face this morning. A L I V E.

But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions--it is by grace you have been saved.... Eph.2:4

The enemy would like to tell us that we are ordinary- nothing special- just the run of the mill. He would lead you to believe that you would be the last chosen in the kickball game of life and would get quietly shoved to the "water boy" stand 
as soon as you managed to make it to the dug out. 

I hate to infringe upon the negativity that has seeped into your brain - but do want to tell you this- you are alive in Christ. "Death" had your name on it's steno pad, your mobile number, followed your twitter updates, had a friend request into you on Facebook- but your redeemer Jesus stepped in and paid your price.

You ARE chosen.
You ARE his redeemed
You  are his first choice
You always catch his eye when you speak HIS name.

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. 
Set God-sized goals. 
Pursue God-ordained passions.- Mark Batterson

Don't doubt yourself today. The creator of the universe is in love with you. 
You are ALIVE in Christ. 

Take a leap of faith! It's going to be a Tuesday to remember. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts that are tucked away in my mind....

I have so many things that I want to blog about and never STOP to blog about them-

Like how proud I am of both of my girls at how great they did at school this year.
Like how I am a flop at keeping up with this blog and many other things
Like how proud I am of so many MKs and personal friends that are standing strong in adversity.
Like how I am a flop at keeping up with this blog and many other things
Like how grateful I am to have a husband who loves me and provides for my family.
Like how I am a flop at keeping up with this blog and many other things

For every grateful moment- I seem to have another teeth snarling monster named guilt that tries to tear the fragile skin off of my daily gifts and triumphs. I have decided to put a stop to these monsters. To cut them off. To squelch the very life from them.

How do I do that? Well without compromise I have to be in God's word and prayer daily- Next-
Remain Thankful to GOD for his good daily gifts-
Give myself a break-
Take time daily to encourage someone with a note or card or text or call-
Remind myself about the great things that I AM getting done-
Give myself a "get out of guilt" free card (similar to the one seen on Monopoly)-
Know that each day I am getting things done and make a difference in someones life-
Know that while I am not changing the world for the masses I can touch one life at a time-
STOP carrying the burdens of others for them. Stop, Pray for them- leave it in God's hands-

Love you bloggy buddies and hope you are about to enter into the most rewarding, God Centered month of your life- June is right around the corner!


Friday, May 04, 2012

I Believe- now dishes clean thyself!

I saw this beautiful picture today and fell in love with the colors and the verse. But in my carnality and lack of sleep (5 AM drop off for Emma going to Space Camp) - It hit me in a funny way..... 

I am blessed today because I believe: 
  •  That my husband sits and daydreams about me all day at work.
  • That my house is going to clean itself.
  • That my groceries are going to appear in my cupboard and auto-organize themselves in alphabetical order.
  • That my co-worker dog is going to clean up her own potty.
  • That my desk is going to explode and the particles will re-adhere and suddenly everything will be in it's place.
  • That all of the work I have to do this weekend will be completed with the flash of a wand.
  • That the 67 emails in my in-box will be answered.
  • That the 4 voice-mails will handle themselves.
  • That my girls will never desire to leave home or marry- they will want to live with their Momma and tell her how amazing she is daily.

It's fun daydreaming isn't it? I can sit here in la-la land all day long and believe whatever I want-  but alas my Grandmother and Mother taught me better. "But faith without works is death." James 2:26 Another great one my Grandmother and Mother passed along was - "Whatever your hands find to do- do it with all your might." Ecc. 9:10 

So even though I have paused to look at look at pretty pictures and imagine my work away- I am still responsible to get up off my fluffy bottom and do it. A while ago a friend called me to come to her home. She needed to "talk". I went to  I went to her home. When I arrived I was met by mounds of dirty dishes in her sink on her counter tops. Now let me insert here- I am not-a-judging as my house is like this a lot! She told me- I have been praying that God would give me the desire and strength to clean this up- but it just hasn't happened yet. The bad news about that day was that I had not stopped to attach my "Sweet Mouth Filter".  I quickly said, "Sometimes the Lord gives us the common sense to know we have to get up and clean our house before our friends- the rodents and insects take over." I think this caught both of us off guard. One of those- Did those words just fly out of my mouth things.

Every once in a while I get a good reminder from the Lord that there is a time and season for everything. Right now it  not the time for day-dreaming it is a time for taking up the reigns of the battles I am facing and pray them through. WITH GOD nothing is impossible. I believe that GOD is able. I am going to have the victory. (jumping off my little platform- as I was just -a - preaching- to-myself- there)  

Have a blessed weekend. I don't stop enough to say thank for stopping by this little blog. You all are amazing and I thank you for each comment, note, and email!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

7 minutes, 3 conversations, and a tongue licking kleenex

I ran into Walmart today to get graduation cards and Fabuloso. I know you all have always wondered how I look so great- and now you know my secret. Fabuloso!  Okay gullible and confused friend (all one of you) it is really a cleaning product- not a magic face-lift potion!

Within 7 minutes of being there I heard:

1. Woman calling someone to ask if Susie (not her real name) had gotten a hold of him as her boyfriend Fred (not his real name) needed $100.00 to pay the bondsman to get Fred out of jail. I thought about telling her to drop her phone- run to the back of the store- buy a game of monopoly - grab the "Get out jail free" card- and she would be all set. But alas I was not sure if she had played the game of monopoly before. I have had one too many jokes crash that way.

2. Woman standing by entrance of Walmart cleaning her husbands eyes out with a Kleenex she had just licked. (Yes this is too gross to even be made up). She told him - you have got to start waking up before 2 PM. Too many things to say on this one. I will move on.

3. Man and women in cleaning aisle talking about shower cleaners. He stops and looks at her and loudly says to her- Stop passing gas in Walmart. Yep he went there. I did not.  I turned my card and headed in the clean-air portion of the store.

Oh- why-can't-there-be- a-Target- in- my- City??

Happy Wednesday friends.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I think I have a tumor- no wait- it's just a hole in my spanx.

Have you ever had a hole in your "Spanx" and suddenly thought you had a tumor? You instantly think- who is my husband going to marry when I die? Who will tell the girls that they can't marry someone unless they are a true worshiper? Who will tell them they can't leave the house until their entire outfit is ironed? You have your pastor and prayer warrior friends on speed dial and look down and realize. Oh - hold on - that is just a rip in my "Spanx".  I am okay.

Then you have a second situation on hand- you soon realize you can't get that fat skin back under the "Spanx" either. That is like trying to open a tube of biscuits and deciding you don't want them for dinner. Too late. Not going to be getting all of the dough back in that tube any time soon sista. It would be easier to shove your days worth of toothpaste back in and not smile all day.  

All of this is equal to taking back words that were too quickly spoken. We all need to make a pack that when our filter is off - we just don't speak to each other.

Can you imagine going to church on a day when you don't have a conversation filter? How are you today Cylinda? In your head you want to say I was doing a lot better until you and your 7 coffee breathed, germ rubbing children started climbing on me. But since you agreed not to talk without your filter on- you just smile and say "Good Morning- doing great- basking in the presence of the Lord today."

Today is one of those days where I am tired and I know that my filter is not 100% so I am sitting at home knitting prayer shawls and praying for hours on end. Who am I kidding?I don't know the first thing about knitting. I am taking less calls and trying to read the word more. I am trying to guard my heart, tongue, and mind with all diligence.  I do pray that my "Spanx" will stay together until the day is done.

This blog was not paid for by "Spanx" or it's sister companies. By the way why do we have to be all dignified now and say "Spanx"? Grandma Eikamp just called it a girdle! 

"Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies." (Psalm 34:13)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Band-Aids, Hurt, and Sporks in the eye

I was reminded today that God is just like a Flexible Band-Aid. Not only does he heal, strengthen, and wrap us in his Love.... He also sticks by us and does not let go in times of moving and shaking. He is the flexible God that goes right through the storm with us.  Even when we can't hear his voice- we can feel his love. 

How many times have we had a horrible scrape on the knee? Flesh torn, blood pulsing out of dirty skin, and dirt embedded in fresh wounds? What do we do? We find our parents- cry- and look for hugs. Mom quickly pulls out the squeaky metal Band-Aid can, pulls the red little paper, opens it up and goes to work. She sings softly as sh cleans the wound, blows on it- and then puts the healing cloth right on the perfect spot. Feeling her love and assurance we feel restored enough to run back outside and play with our friends. 

We don't see the healing.  We can't pin-point the exact moment when we were healed.   We don't inspect it every second- but before long we notice it does not hurt as bad anymore. Before long we have forgotten how we hurt our knee.  It is time to remove the worn edged Band-Aid to see fresh skin, healing, and a tiny scar.

Our hearts? Now that is a little different story. That is often a slow heal. The band-aid does not show. Many times the cut is so deep it will cause you to feel as though you are taking your last breath. But one thing is for sure- in each second of the process he is with us. The days when you scream. The days when you cry. The days when you feel like you can't catch your breath. The days when you just stare out into the distance and wish it were all a dream. The days when the covers won't come off your head. The days when even the sunlight does not shine over your house, your bedroom, or your car. The days when if one more person smiles, ask you how you are, or gives you that sympathy look you will stick a spork in their eyeball just to make them go away. Even on those days - in the heat of the process- He is there. 

I prayed for you today.
I don't know all that you are going through...
But I do know a lot of about the process
I can promise you
Every person's timing is different
Every application of HIS band-aid is for a different situation

But without a doubt you can lean on this verse. The only thing that makes sense in a process - "Lo, I am with you always...." Matthew 28:20

Praying for a Matthew 28:20 Revelation in your life today.