Sunday, January 08, 2012

Things that should be complete......but they are not

1. All of my lessons for Because of the times. The positive thing is that I DO have my theme/a lot of the materials purchased and know what games/prayer points I am covering. Yay me.

2. Thank you notes from Christmas. They have been written but don't add stamps to themselves do they?

3. Packing. We close on a house in one week and I don't have one box packed- yet what am I doing to avoid it at the current moment? Blogging. Do you feel the love? Emma however has packed 9 boxes and keeps reminding me that I need to step it up!

4. My list of goals for the year- I try to make a list every year. Has not happened yet. I guess on the bright side- my short term goals could be to complete this list.

5. Laundry- Wow the only person that I know in the universe that has their laundry always done is my sister-in-law. But she also has other super hero qualities.

6. Paint colors picked out- while I am at BOTT my amazing husband offered to paint some of the rooms of the glowing white home. Help - I am thinking of doing the same colors I picked out for our home in NC- but that is so five years ago- literally.

7. Organized my Q-tips in alphabetical order. Project needed completing when Numbers 1-6 are pending.

I hope you all have had a great weekend and you are off to an amazing new year. Love you all- I am off to tuck someone in bed. She just reminded me I am two day behind on her nightly devotional. I think number 8 is on the way :)

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Kathy McElhaney said...

I started breaking out in hives reading about moving! It's been 11 years since we moved to our current home, Les was in his final semester of his MBA, we were both working full time and our church was in an extended revival. AND I didn't have an Emma to prod me along!

So proud of your Q-tip skills;) And somehow everything else will get done.