Tuesday, March 01, 2011


All of us know someone or have had someone in our family that has been plagued by this 6 letter little word. It is spoken once and changes a lifetime. I don't share a lot of fundraisers on my blog- but this one -YES! 


Once there was a GIRL. With a blog. You know the kind.
The kind with pretty pictures and pretty words. The kind that you
put on your RSS feed so you don’t miss out on the next post.
The kind that lets you into her world and sucks you in so far you feel like you know her. 
Yes, you know her.
You know her because she’s in every one of us.
She’s your mother and sister. She’s your silver and gold.
She’s the loyal wife, the doting mama, and on her lucky days, she’s an artist.
Capturing details, memories and moments to be treasured. She’s a fellow photographer.
Well today, this girl is none of these things. Today she is a widow.
Today she pulls her hair back into that familiar ponytail, fingers wrapped around
that ever present cup of coffee, and stares in the direction of
where he used to sit. Where he used to sit, all day, every day,
fighting a losing battle called cancer.
Yes, you know her, even if you don’t really know her.
Her name is Valerie Koop.
And she could be any of us.
This is not a story of pity, but a story of courage and strength.
A story of friendship and community that binds us all.
So many amazing souls wanting to reach out, but not knowing how.
Well, here’s how.
Valerie Koop is a fellow photographer and blogger. Her blog is a beautifully woven story of life….even when cancer is a part of it. Early this month her husband, the father of her two small children, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Numerous photographers, crafters, bloggers are joining with Matlida Jane to do an auction in her benefit. The auction is full of all kinds of really great items….tons of fun stuff! You can visit Valerie’s blog here and the auction here.


IF you are a blogger- please re-post and help this family. Pray for them today and tuck them in your heart.

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