Monday, February 28, 2011

"Mom- I don't feel so good"

It is amazing how six words grab your heart and shred it into tiny pieces. All activity stops and your mind stands still.

You don't feel good? Do you have a fever? What hurts? What can I do for you? Do you need a cloth on your head? Do you need a sprite? When did you start feeling bad? Why didn't you tell me sooner?

Frantically the questions fly out of my mouth. She is only 9 and I am way too busy. I should have noticed. I should have been able to see she was slowing down, laughing less, and not in constant chatter. Her warm cheeks a soft rosy color. The fever low grade. The prayers spill out for her as she sleeps. God touch her tiny body. Heal her,restore her.

This morning during my quiet time I reflected- surely that is how HE feels about me. I speak His name- five letters - J E S U S- and I have His full attention. He is willing, ready to meet my needs. My desperation is not lost on him. My faint cries. The times that my heart feels like it has been pounded until liquid- He is there. 

Listen! The LORD's arm is not too weak to save you, nor is his ear too deaf to hear you call.
Isaiah 59:1 NLT

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Melissa Hineman said...

Miss you girl! Saw a friend from your area in service Sunday -- she has a daughter named Addy -- so sweet. Talking with her about you made me miss ya even more! Summer plans to visit Charlotte on the agenda?