Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is the Word Lord? REDUCE?

So every year..... I ask the Lord- what is the direction, word, thought, and focus HE has for me for that year. This year while praying about it I could only hear one word over and over- Reduce.

Reduce? Really God? I know I am fluffy- but this is getting personal here.

Yep- this was the immediate image I had floating in my mind when the Lord placed that one word nugget deeply into my thought path. Me- The elephant (with a cute tail and white toenails) trying to balance on a ball. If you know me at all much of my days are filled with trying to balance.
Then - as I begin to study the Word and pray more about that word- I fell in love with it. 

So what am I doing?

Getting rid of the material belongings that we don't need in the house- Many trips to Goodwill are the lifter of the mind. The more I give away the better I feel. I have given things to people in need, to those that I just want to surprise, and have even mailed some things to people. It makes it 100% easier to clean as well.

Getting rid of negative thinking that clogs up God's will for me daily. Many wheelbarrows of junk that builds up in the brain- turned over to the Lord. This my friends is a daily process. It is a battle but I will win.

Getting rid of extra jobs that I am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR. This one is a dying daily thing that I am still trying to work on. Help me Lord. Why is it so hard to say no? The fear of disappointing others plagues me. Again- help me LORD.

Getting rid of distractions, time wasters, and time sponges (that is a person that sucks the life out of you) , that take away from my few hours of the day that I have with my husband and girls. Family time is a priority- others can wait. I will not feel guilty. I am not accountable for everyone - but I am accountable for my family.

Getting rid of extra pounds that have plagued me for years. I know that I can be healthy with God's help. It is all about making wise decisions, moving, and making it a life decision. The easy solution to stress is another bagel (yes bread is the enemy), but I have been trying to stop myself and ask why I am eating as I belly slide into the kitchen. Now see I have given you a nice image for your mind. 

Lastly I am reducing the hours of concern of what others think of me. Guess what. I am so loved that my redeemer died for me. He choose me. I am the true Cinderella story. He went into the field. Ignored my beautiful step-sisters- and chose me. The one who others had passed by became his obsession. The one that felt forgotten was first always on his lips. Jesus Chose me. If you don't understand this at all- read Song of Solomon- it is a direct love story from Christ to you. Now I choose to ignore the part where he says my belly is as a pile of hay- but all of the other kind words Christ says about me- I will accept.

So there you have it. I have fully spilled my guts to you. I have a feeling that the months of January and February which were my months of shaking, changing, and reflection have produced a better me through Christ help. 

Now if I can move my computer out of this kitchen all will be well. Kidding folks. Get a sense of humor about yourself already. 

So now to you. What is God's challenge for you in 2011?

PS - So what is in replace with all that is reduced? More prayer, More Word, and More of HIM. I can't get enough. 


Kimberly Terry said...

For me, the word has also been "reduce", although I didn't distinctly hear that word. Rather, it came as "less"--saying less, doing less of what competes for my attention, less of me, less of MY priorities and wants, and even eating less (ugh!). Then the next word was "more"! More of Him, more of His kingdom, more time in His presence, more fasting, more of the Word, reaching more souls. So my conclusion is "less is more", for real!

Darius Richardson said...

Great post!

You can't go wrong by spending more time in prayer and in His Word...

Girly Muse said...

this is so beautifully written, cylinda. every word resonates with me and what God has also been trying to get through to my thick skull.

it's amazing how clearing out your mind and home of the things that are distracting can leave you so much more available for the things that do need to be there...God's word, deep time with him and with your family.

saying NO...this is the one i constantly struggle with...i'm going to think of this post the next time i need to say no.

Jane Girl said...

You know?? I am with you here... and I find when I am in that reduced and open state - I am available for ministry encounters that would have never even registered on the radar - sometimes my own, sometimes within my home and sometimes outside my front door...

Don't be too hasty, though.. I've been 'simplifying' now for three years. :) AFTER you reduce all the excess THEN go nuts with tubs/baskets and that label maker... You'll feel like a new woman!

PS - The last one is the most important- that one about other people's opinion. It's a biggy but conquerable, too.

Thanks for spilling. Hmmm. For me? I think I'm rebuilding. Rebuilding me - joy, praise, strength, love... (It's why I love Nehemiah so much.)