Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weddings, Funerals, and a few Bats....

We headed out at 7:30 this morning. Coleen was our driver and she did an amazing job. Today is funeral and wedding day in Ghana. Funerals only happen on Fridays and Saturdays for the protestant world. Muslims bury within 24 hours of the death. 

Those that die that are Protestants will be frozen until their family can save up enough money to bury them. This can take months. The family also has to feed people during the wake and after the funeral so that adds to the expense. The colors to wear to funerals are black, white and red. It is a deep red. At the grave sight the families will take a pick ax to the casket and break it up before it goes into the ground so that the grave robbers will not come and take the casket to be used for someone else.

Today we saw a lady coming back from a funeral – but no funeral processions. We did see a wedding procession on the way home. Weddings can last all day. The bride is usually late. They will have a meal for all of their family and friends after the ceremony is done. Guest bring gifts to the wedding.

Today was quite the selling day. I even made my first purchase today from the in-rode vendors. I bought two key chains- I know I know what a tourist. But the price was right.

Today new things that were being sold were: socks, Q-tips, dog chains, dog collars, Remotes for TVs, watches, perfume, car mats, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, orange juice, chap stick, room spray, car deodorizers, mufflers for your car, warning signs that you put out by law when your car is having a problem, guavas, receiving blankets, globes, wall pictures of Huckleberry Fin, car wax, wall picture of racing stallions, toothbrushes, reading glasses, matches, interior car cleaner, and last but not least- moth balls. 

Funny road side sights were teenage boys wearing little mermaid backpacks selling paintbrushes. Because nothing says masculine like Little Mermaid.

I also love the boy that was carrying 14 water bottles on his head and keeping them all balanced. They were empty but that is a lot of plastic.

My gross out moment was the same thing that gets me everyday- the man that is selling Grass Cutters by the side of the road. That is a large rat looking animal that is the size of a prairie dog that they eat. I also saw trees filled with bats hanging up-side-down. I have never in my life seen that. I thought it was leaves or branches but it was bats. 

Today’s sessions were amazing with the ladies. God filled the room . I can’t begin to explain how powerful they were.  The total so far is 20 delivered from depression, 7 healings, and 19 filled with the Holy Ghost.  So many amazing things that happened. There were about 450 or 500 ladies there today. Hard to tell. yesterday about 350. Below is one section.

I found out today that everyone here has the name of the day of the week that they were born in their name. So if you were born on Monday- your name would be Adjua. I was born on Thursday so my name is Yaa. There are male and female of days of the week names. 

Many of the tribes will take little girls that are too beautiful and will slice their face. I noticed so many of the ladies had slash scars on their cheekbones. Some of them have two and some have one. That is different from tribe to tribe. So sad. They are still beautiful with their scars. To me it makes them even more beautiful because man can’t destroy what God makes as beautiful.

Happy Saturday Bloggy Buddies Love ya!


Jim said...

I have been reading your blogs and comments every day. You are making the best of your trip. I like your fresh perspective.

Girly Muse said...

What an amazing glad you are there making a difference and so glad that they are experiencing YOU. Love you!!!