Sunday, January 09, 2011

Walk with your Bible

When I was a little girl I was raised in St. Croix. I remember the service leader asking- how many of you walked with your Bible? It was a question that was asked over and over. I am happy to say that I am in a country where truly they are walking with their Bible.

I was so moved today on the way to the ladies conference to see that SO MANY PEOPLE were walking with their Bible. They looked so beautiful in their bright colored skirts and tops covered with their lapa (the cloth that the ladies wrap around their waste if they are married- this is what is used to carry the babies).  It was such a joy to see that on every street people were finding their way to church – whether it was by catching a large bus, a small bus, a taxi, a motorcycle, or walking. The little girls and boys had on their Sunday best. The little girl’s shoes shined under a pile of lacy socks. Many little boys had ties on today. 

I saw a couple of families stopping by the shoes salesman to buy some shoes on their way. This consists of a large tarp that is covered with shoes in a pile. They were digging through the pile trying to find a pair for a little cute girl who had a bright pink and blue dress on. I hope they were successful. 

There were less vendors today and the traffic was easier. It was not crowded even on the tightest of roads. One little family was walking in the dirt but looked clean and beautiful as the mother and daughter had on pure white- matching outfits. A group of men took advantage of the construction workers day off and headed to play football (soccer) where there is usually the hustle and bustle of road work. 

The service was jammed packed today. The news station was there videoing the service. Let’s put it this way he was not shy about getting in your face. The cameraman interviewed Colleen Carter for the news. Yep ask for your autographs now while you can get them. I joined in with the praise dancing again today. The crowd was so great we had to go outside and then snake around back and forth. We kind of made our own serpentine line- the kind that you would see at an amusement park- but without the fence to help us.  The crowd was too great to let everyone dance so they let the ladies dance by whatever region they were from. I think I was with the Accra ladies. So now I have my Ghana name and my village.  

There was one point of the service where the worship was so strong the ladies were taking off their lapas (I am probably not spelling that correct) and waving them in the air. I loved it. The men that were at the service today had a time where they could dance and some of the ladies put their lapa down on the ground in front of them before they started. It was such a special day all around.

I felt so sad to say goodbye to these ladies. A couple of them asked me to stay here in Ghana. One of them wanted to tell my husband and children thanks for letting me come to Ghana. See what I mean? They are just that sweet. I hugged many, took pictures of the sweet kids and went into the Jeep. I hated waving bye to them at the gate. Many of the ladies were carrying their suitcases on their heads headed to find a bus or a way home to their village after the ladies conference. It only happens once a year.

I know that they were so tired, so weary from the heat and from the long hours but you would never know it by looking at the smiles on their faces.  There were great testimonies today of what the Lord has done. THE LORD did so many amazing things. Many were healed, many were delivered, and 22 received the Holy Ghost. 

On the way home I saw a chief getting out of a taxi and walking to a small home on the side of the road. You could tell that he was a chief by the clothes that he had on. He has nothing on these ladies. Even though he is royalty among his people- these ladies were bought were a price and are the daughters of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He reigns supreme in their hearts. 

I appreciate so much the work that the missionary team is doing here. Please remember to pray for the Poitras family, the Sisco family, and Colleen Carter. God is using them in a great way in this country.
Goodnight bloggy buddies~ hope you had a great Sunday too!


shannon said...

I loved to read about the conference. I miss the worship and sweet spirit that our sisters and brothers have a hold.of over there! I am so wishing I could have been a stowaway! LOL
love you girlie! Save journey home!

Kathy McElhaney said...

I have enjoyed your trip so much!

Praying for a safe and uneventful trip home.

Claudia J said...

Thank you for taking me to Ghana. I so want to see Colleen in action. We have the home mission in Idaho with the African Refugees. They are a wonderful people. Question - I the head covering a curtural or bibical teaching? The sweet ladies most of the time ware something on their heads.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Shannon- that would have been a blast :)

Kathy- I loved every minute of it. Humbled to be there.

Claudia- It seems to be more of a cultural thing and not a requirement at all.

Bless you all!

Paula said...

I have enjoyed seeing Ghana through your eyes. It's been funny, informative and uplifting. Thank God for the precious souls that received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

God bless you and your family for the work you are doing.