Friday, January 07, 2011

A Hankie Swirling Good Day!

With great excitement we headed to the vehicle today to head out to the ladies meeting. It was a bumpy ride filled with sipping on hot tea, eating a real New York bagel, and looking over notes, as we headed out of Accra to another region of the country.   

New things on side of the road today:
Hat racks, netting, car covers (purple), jump ropes, newspapers- and then a whole lot of what I posted the other two days.  

Funny sight of the day a lady yelling at a vendor in the middle of the street to kick in her hubcap as it was falling off. Another vendor was selling a newspaper to a person inside of the city bus. The person was standing in the bus so the man selling the paper was jumping high to give it to him and get his change back. Right then the bus took off. It was amazing to see him jump up and back at the same time. 

We went out to the ladies camp today. It was a great day. The ladies here are SO beautiful words cannot describe them. They all were wearing their white head wraps and black and white wrapped skirts and shirts that had the ladies logo on it. They were all so sweet and greeted us warmly. 

The conference began with singing, dancing, and praising. Handkerchiefs were used in praise today to signify flying like a bird, flapping, and waving wildly. They were also used to show fighting off the devil. This was my favorite as they shaped their hankies like a little bow and were shooting with it. Colleen had me join them and I danced with the ladies. I just waved my hankie and did not have any fantastic bird or fighting motions. I will have to work on them. 

Then it was time for worship. Worship time is a little bit more sober and some were kneeling, a lot were crying, and openly talking to God. The District Superintendent did an amazing job in ministering to the ladies. I spoke to the ladies about finding joy in all stages of your life. God stepped in and ministered in such a huge way. The ladies ran to the alter in response to the Word. We had a good time of prayer and then Mom spoke to them.  We left after they were dismissed at lunch today.

It was so amazing to see God heal so many, deliver others from situations troubling their minds, and filling 7 people with the Holy Ghost. 

I loved seeing the elderly ladies helping the younger ones by carrying their babies on their back. They have the most beautiful smiles in the world. I took pictures of the service today- but again the Internet is slower here so I will upload them when I get back to the US. 

Coming home from church we were behind a container that was not attached to a truck. We tried to lose it in traffic as recently another trailer was on a truck that slipped off hit the car behind it and killed the family and the taxi driver that were on the way to the airport.  

The church of Ghana is such a testament of laying the right foundation. Years ago the Rodenbush family, the Blake family, Else Lund, and others started this work. Now the Poitras family, the Sisco family, and Coleen Carter are helping in the national board lead the country. It is amazing to see what God is doing with a work that was started 42 years ago by the Rodenbush family. There are now 250 churches and preaching points, over 20,000 saints, and 5 Bible Schools (including the satellite training centers). Don’t ever dismiss the start of small things. GOD GROWS THINGS IN HIS TIME.

So humbled to be here this week and meet these amazing ladies. Have a great night.

Please be in prayer for the services tomorrow- and for my honey at home (John) who now has the bug that Seanna had. Lord help my little household.  Love you all.


Kathy McElhaney said...

I feel blessed just reading this. What a wonderful time you must be having!

Interesting that you mentioned a time of praise, then a time of worship. Les teaches a lesson about the difference between praise and worship - your ladies had it right.

Been praying for you and your family.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Thanks so much Kathy! It was great!