Thursday, January 06, 2011

Caskets and the sea

Good Afternoon-

Hope you all are staying warm and toasty- we are for sure.

Today we got to see a whole new list of things being sold by the road:
Paint brushes, boiled eggs, barber sets, lint rollers, books on Africa, Kleenex, magazines, steering wheel covers, shoe polish, doughnuts, cell phone cases, cell phone cords, towels, water guns, hankies, rosaries, Winnie the pooh, limes, corn, CDs, Juice, scales, fire extinguishers and more.

We got to go to the casket store today which was awesome. It was on the second floor. They are all made and painted by hand. Today he had caskets in the shapes of a camera, a video camera, a Danish (as in a doughnut), a coke bottle, a beer bottle, a fish, a rooster, a carpenters plane, a pineapple, and a petroleum truck.   If you were going to cremate your loved one you could buy a shoe, a South African Airways  a pineapple, a fish,  a cow, and a tiger. He makes about one a week and ships them out. It was on the second floor and Mom about fell through the floor- so that was interesting as well. 

It was on the second floor of his house. I did get a lot of pictures of all of this but it would take too long to upload the pictures for you all. 

We then headed out to take a peek at the sea. It was lovely to have a cold drink and sit by a little restaurant. We got to see some of the little boys swimming sans suits. They were using a seat from a car as a toy. They loved rolling in the sand and running back into the ocean. I felt like I was right back in the islands sitting there. Just that ocean breeze and familiar smell made me want to be 8 again and run into the ocean and play all day. Yep being raised in the islands sure has a way of spoiling you. 

Please continue to pray for the ladies conference and Seanna. She went to school today and sent a text to John to pick her up. He did not.  She sent me an email that she still did not feel well. Thanks to all of my Cabot peeps for being so sweet to my family. YOU all are amazing and have my heart.

The ladies conference starts tonight but it is not good for us to travel at night so we head out at 7 AM. Looking forward to great meetings. If you don’t hear from me the next couple of days it will just be that we will be busy busy. 

Much love bloggy buddies. Thanks for the prayers.

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