Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dusty Roads, Bright Eyes, and Quick Smiles

Dusty Roads
Bright eyes
Quick glances
Warm looks (Well warm everything)
Smiling faces
Hustle, bustle, movement, calling out,
Making a living however you can
These are the things that filled my day today-
I love the fact that when you are in other countries the store comes to you- via the traffic light to your car window. Today people in the middle of traffic were selling: 

Cashews, peanuts, flashlights, puppies, phone cards, mirrors, limes, plantain chips, statues, Ghana maps, Ghana flags, bags of water, shoe polish, shoes, mens belts, shoe laces, toilet paper, brooms, avocados, batteries, toy helicopters and the list goes on.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing a man driving his bike with a bed on his head (mattress) and fan on the back. I also saw another man that was driving a bike with a car battery and a man in a wheelchair that was in traffic. He had made pedals for his hands to zip by everyone. It was awesome.  

I LOVE TRAFFIC in other countries. Always an adventure it is never boring. Have you every driven home from work in the US and can’t remember how you got home? That does not happen when you are in other countries. You remember every turn, every corner, every motorcycle you about hit, every bike that carries more than one person, every dog you about hit in the road.

I love seeing the mommas carrying their babies on their back and water on their head. I think about the task of parents and how it is a never ending job- no matter where you live. For a split second I was almost jealous of the lady of this lady as she carried her bundle of joy on her back. I could since the simplistic warmth of her life. 

And then I saw turmoil as I saw a man and a police battling in the street. They were at blows and the crowd quickly gathered to watch. I was amazed that the guard kept his cool and was not clubbing the man with his baton in his hand. How quickly he could have ended the squabble. 

As we drove home I wondered what the streets were like in Jesus Day. How he felt in the crowds, what he thought about. One thing I do know is that he had compassion and love for the people around him. I pray that no matter the people, no matter the crowd I can always show his love. I don’t know of a country that I have been do where I did not fall in love with the people or tell John when I got home- Honey let’s go- I am ready to move there. I am pretty sure that Ghana will not be any different.  I have instantly felt at home.

Have a great Wednesday bloggy buddies. Thanks for the prayers for Seanna. She is doing better. She made it to school and then had to go back home but is slowly making progress.


Andrea said...

Great post!
Blessings and prayers,

Paula said...

Great post, it sounds a lot like Jamaica where I'm originally from (haven't been back since I left - very sad). Thanks for sharing.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Paula- It reminded me so much of the islands for sure. I was raised in St. Croix- USVI!