Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Bags, The Flight, The ________ (well who wants to type that?)

I had a great flight from Little Rock to Chicago and then Chicago to Washington Dulles. Then it was the flight from Dulles to Accra. That was quite the story. I am an avid people watcher and love seeing international flights board. This flight was no exception. Two bag requirement was being ignored by the old and young alike. I found it amazing the amount of bags one can stuff into another bag to appear to be- well just one bag. The prize of the day goes to a lady who was bringing a Disney baby walker with her. I somehow don’t see that fitting under the seat.

We left on time and headed to the regular routing which takes you to the New York City area. We found out later that we had circled for two hours while the plane was in limbo as the radar for that area was down. We then were told we were heading back to Dulles as they we could not get out of that area. We had too much fuel to land so had to circle and dump fuel but also had to then land in Dulles to get enough fuel to get to Accra. That added about 4 hours in the plane to the 9 hour and 40 minute plane ride. We finally got all fueled up and were headed back to the friendly skies.

Friendly until the lady that shared the same three section of seats with me (about 4 hours into the flight) got sick. She passed out, then came to- threw up all over (yep it hit my blanket and pillow that I had resting on my purse while re-arranging. So if you know me at all you will know I am not the shiniest star during throw up sessions. I had to get up and go to the back. Mom- who was in the aisle across from me- slept through ALL OF THIS. I told her really  MOM – I don’t make this stuff up. They finally got her settled down- they had to fill out paperwork as to what happened- the okay to give her oxygen on the flight. When asking her daughter what was wrong she said “She has altitude sickness”. Hmmm you might not want to try flying then. So when Mom awoke and was being served her breakfast I was trying to tell her the story in code (as I was sitting next to the people). During one of my explanations I managed to hit my ¾ glass of diet coke all over my lap. So yes- it looked like I had an accident during the flight. We did manage to get a good laugh out of it. It really felt quite refreshing when going down the steps of the plane and being welcomed by the 90 degree weather.
We made it through customs without a hitch. Well – I got reprimanded for having a plastic cover on my passport- but other than that- yes. Without a hitch. The Poitrases and Collen had arranged for a gentleman to help us through customs. We made it out the door to see the beautiful face of Colleen Carter. Love her to pieces. Then it was the interesting drive home to the moving salespeople all around your car in the traffic. I felt like I was back in the islands. Today Colleen bought a broom and some converters right outside of her car window. Gotta love it. 

We had an amazing dinner of Taco Salad and don’t be jealous FRESH MANGO!! Hmmm. I truly think I am home! Good night everyone. Please keep Seanna in your prayers she is still throwing up and sick at home. I know that GOD can touch her!


Paula said...

I love reading your blog, I feel like I'm traveling with you; and since I have never left the States that's quite a treat for me. Hope you have an awesome conference and safe travel home.


Paula said...

Oh and I prayed for your daughter yesterday and again today, God is able.

pam sisco said...

Enjoy our beloved Ghana! I'd say sorry for the eventful trip over but then you woundn't have anything interesting to blog about! Ha!

Jim said...

Enjoyed the blog. Enjoy Ghana. The Siscos will likely have their own interesting story to tell soon since they will be going to Ghana in ten days or so.

Anonymous said...

I noticed any sound affects for the sick woman on your --L--O--N--G-- flight were woefully left out. But then again, maybe that's a good thing? --Ang

Girly Muse said...

Oh my. Yuck. Hahaha Can't believe your mama slept through it. She must think you are very DRAMATIC since she was right there. heehee

Praying for Seanna. So sorry she's been so sick.

Love you. Have a wonderful trip. Will be praying for non-nauseated traveling companions for you!!!

Debbie Simler-Goff said...

Sister Pam Sisco told me about your blog and I just read it for first time! Keep sharing your stories... I'm loving it. We are going to visit the Sisco's in Ghana this coming September and having never really traveled internationally, I have to admit I have some trepidation. So, I will visit your blog often so I can get to know Ghana through your eyes!