Friday, December 17, 2010

Longest ever break between post

It has been about a month- so sorry for all of your faithful blog readers. I am so sorry. It has been a month for me.

I went to:

Springfield, MA- for a funeral of Allen Gordon- missionary to Solomon Islands. Please pray for his two daughters Rachel and Sarah Gordon.
Charlotte, NC- for Thanksgiving. Excited to see my pregnant sister in law due in January.
Singapore- for DCD Conference and quality MK Time with 11 awesome MKs
Malaysia- for DCD Conference (see above).

Then back to AR- where I am now until the week after Christmas when we head out to Branson to celebrate with the Shirley Family for Christmas- then January 3rd- I scoot over to Ghana, Africa to teach in a ladies conference there. (please pray for those sessions).

I am so messed up on my time. I have told my friends that I did not believe in jet-lag and all of that until this trip. It was 31 hours from my house to the hostel that I stayed at. Flying time was 21 hours- so I now finally get it. I spent 62 hours in traveling alone- but it was SOO worth it.  I have caught myself falling asleep at odd times and just head bobbing if John is driving. I look like this little guy-  I suddenly get his little world.

Some of the highlights of the trip were meeting people from 19 different countries that were at the Deep Calleth Deep conference. So many of our brothers and sisters in Christ live with the fear of being put in jail daily- but yet feel honored to live for him.

One of the Pastors from Vietnam has been imprisoned many times, he has been beaten to the point of loosing his hearing in one ear, lost teeth, and been tortured. I talked to him and told him I admired his walk with God. He said- no don't say that- it is an honor to serve God.

Another man that was really amazing was from Pakistan. He was failing Chemistry in school and was beaten for it by his teacher. He now just received his PHD in Chemistry and is a professor there. He said that even though he is a Pastor- the Lord challenged him to get this degree. He said that he had many conflicts in obtaining the degree. One of them is that his professor was of another religion and kept denying his thesis. God told him that he was going to give him - HIS PHD. He had to have Patience, Hope and Dependence in God. Such a great man.

I really went there to be able to hang out with Meghan, Barak, and Mikayla Willoughby and to attend the Deep Calleth Deep conference. I was blessed to find out that Ang Cla was also there. She is one awesome MK and really doing great things. I am not going to share more than that. Tiara and Isaiah Malik are MKs to Pakistan. Isaiah is the only Christian at his school- and Tiara is home schooled. The Shalm brothers were both there. Yes- they are MKs as well. Some of the best stories, preaching, and anointing rest upon these two. LJ Dabbs is a cutie. He is a little MK to Singapore. He is always being picked up by an admirer. Then there is Zander Scott. He is quite the looker with huge blue eyes. He steals the hearts of ladies near and far. He is always picked right up out of his stroller in Pakistan and held and kissed by all.

Thank you all for your prayer coverage. As you may or may not know I have severe seafood and fresh water fish allergies (as in I carry an Epi-pen). The Lord kept me without incident. I had a couple of times where I felt a warning from him- and questioned what I was about to eat- and yes it had fish in it. God is so gracious.

Hope you all are caught up on your Christmas shopping. The Nickel house does not have one decoration up. I have purchased about 5 gifts, and really will get caught up on my laundry and clean my house. But you know what- all of that can wait. It is more important to stop- give hugs, really listen to our kids, and help friends during this season. I think if I repeat that four or five times to myself I really will believe it.

Love you bloggy buddies. ~C~


Renee said...

Glad you're back in the groove! I missed your insight while you were gone. I know the MK's were so blessed to have you there...even the one's that are too young to know they have an awesome mentor in you!

cheyenne said...

great post! sounds like an awesome trip!

Jim Poitras said...

Glad to read up on your awesome trip this morning.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Definitely been missing you. Glad you have had safe and blessed travels. Maybe you can nap between loads of laundry ;)

Girly Muse said...

lifting you up in prayer and lovely thoughts...hoping that you will have a refreshing time the next couple of weeks, even in the middle of the busy-ness. love you.