Thursday, September 16, 2010


Sunday our printer went out - while printing things for KIDZLIFE and the Sunday School teacher's meeting.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday my phone was in and out. Texting people messages that were not meant for them. Re-texting old messages, and even answering text with random other text. It was awesome (not).

Monday- My computer had a techie working on it for 5 hours - While I went in and out of contentiousness trying to watch my screen fly through test after test.

Wednesday- Our Dvd player quit working while the Kidzilife video that I was pre-viewing was sitting inside of it. We finally prayed over it, unplugged it, and started over and it spit it out like a sour apple.

I was telling a friend about this today- and she said- now you have told me your dream- I will give you the interpretation (borrowing words from Joseph)- You need to go on a media fast. I wish I could. I want to sit for 7 days and read and not have to do anything else. Who is joining me on read only island :) Of Course diet cokes and appropriate snacks will be flown in.



How many of you are sucked in by commercials? Okay. Well since you can't see me...I am waving my hand like crazy right now. I AM. I saw this super cool commercial the other day about bathroom cleaner (I am also addicted to trying out new cleaners) that you spray on BLUE and it turns WHITE when it is ready for you to wipe it off. I finally finagled a way to go and get some bananas and bread and KABOOM.

I did not read ALL of the directions. Just so you have all of the information I just used about a gallon of draino on our shower before this incident.

Finally I was ready for the awe and wonder of bubbles that change color from blue to white right before your eyes. Just for your visual enlightenment- our bathroom has a shower that that has a seat and doors that slide. The water shoots out of a removable shower head. Yes I have the full senior citizen shower. I was in full cleaning mode when all of a sudden the fumes of everything got to me and before I know it- I am going down- KABOOM. The chemicals in the two should not have mixed. I caught myself falling and firmly hit my bottom on the slimy white foam colored seat. Thankfully I did not fully pass out just got woozy- and slimy.

So in case you are wondering- Kaboom will also change colors on your skin, clothes, and toes from blue to white. Well hey- at least I am clean.

I am now offering this free public announcement... IF you are going to use Kaboom- do not use it right after Mr. Draino, and for the love of Pete- keep your shower doors open! Really people I can't even make this stuff up!



Shannon Marie Haggard said...

HaHAHA!!! Girl you are too much! So that green cloud was over Cabot today??? lol Hey have you tried the mr clean magic eraser???? LOVE IT!!!!

Cylinda Nickel said...

I use the magic eraser ALL of the time. Love it! The Green Cloud will got to blue then white :) ROFL

Girly Muse said...

and how oh so entertaining you are!!! thank you for sharing the stories with us. it makes me groan, laugh, cry, empathize, pray and wish i could hug you. ;) love you so.

Kathy McElhaney said...

I think you need to be a little more careful on Thursdays... last week it was the dressing room incident, this week KABOOM!

Real life is so much more entertaining than anything I can make up... shoulda seen me skidding through sand on my bike today. If you hydroplane when you loose traction in water, what do you call it when you're in sandy dirt? Sandroplane? Dirtoplane?

Cylinda Nickel said...

Kathy- You are so right- I need to stay in next Thursday :) Girl- Felt so bad for you and your bike spill

Paula said...

LOL I think John needs to lock the harmful chemicals away. :) :) :) Girl, that Draino stuff is POTENT!!!!!! And with a name like Kaboom...well, it must be potent, too. :) :) Glad you're okay! And hey, it was a great way to start my morning. This is getting to be a regular Friday morning entertainment. Haha

Sorry about all the technological woes. :( That is no fun! Let me know when you head to your isolated island ~ I'll bring some brownies and chips and join you!

Rachel Coltharp said...

Someone we know, ahem, used oven cleaner on the thousand year old tub at the St. James Condos (otherwise known as the Life apartments) and FORGOT that she had sprayed the tub liberally.

Fast forward to said unnamed person taking a long bath in the tub, unrinsed from the oven cleaner. Skin came off. It was ugly.

Moral, never never never clean a tub yourself. Get your ROOMMATE to do it! Judith Elliott will second the motion!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Oh Rachel- I can't believe that- Yikers- We must be sisters from another mother :) Love ya