Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You asked for them- here are some of her latest things she has been saying/thinking about/and well doing-

1. She told me the other day- I just don't get why people smoke wheat- it doesn't make any sense to me at all. Yep- she was talking about smoking weed.

2. She told me that unless I started giving her "cool" and "trendy" hair styles she might have to start doing her hair herself. Hmm I am all for that!

3. She is currently afraid of the tub and sharks again. This is an ongoing thing with her. If you don't believe me- just search in my blog and you will see. I had a big talk with her about this and told her that even if they did make it from the ocean to Arkansas, and even if they did manage to live in the fresh water vs. salt water- that they would be sooo tiny when they got in her tub- she could smash it with her finger. SHE informed me that they are HUGE and will be breaking pipes all the way from TX to AR just to get to her tub. I gave up and let her take a sponge bath that night.

4. She is worried about the new people that moved in three houses down. She was going to make a map of the neighborhood and fun things for them to do and ride it down there with her bike. She also considered wearing a name tag. Today- she did a drive by (with her bike- complete with a bell) and she could not see any kids outside. Tomorrow is a new day.

5. She prays every night for her Papa's heart and lungs and Brother Willoughby- which when she is very tired sounds like Brother Wheatherby. She then will add people that she hears of that might need a prayer- Sister Doughty (which she wondered if she was in doubt), her sister, she often prays for Indigo, and the list goes on. Nights that she is super tired she ask if she has forgotten about anyone. She also prays for the baby that is in my sister-in-laws belly (in Emma lingo)which now we know is a boy- so she prays for him by name.

She is a very busy 9 year old. She will not be doing Bible Quizzing this year but will cheer her sister on. She wants to take piano lessons- so I need to get her signed up this fall.

She is available to sign autographs at general conference. She said she is taking a Sharpie. Last year one of my friends met her and told her that she loved her so much already because she read about her in my blog. She was so mad that I did not have paper and a Sharpie ready for her to sign autographs when asked. I kid you not.

Good night all- My day has been filled with General Conference Booth displays, gathering MK pictures, working with the Geek Squad with a computer on the blitz, and dealing with a phone that decided to do random texting today. I MISS MY BLACKBERRY :(

Love you all like a HOT PINK BLACKBERRY!


Renee said...

Thank you! I have so missed Emma! I hope she pulls a Peter Pan, and never grows up. Just include my autograph in our next mail packet! :) Your girls are so special. As much as I love Emmaisms, I love reading about the serious and seriously organized and motivated Seanna. She is such a sweetheart! Praying for her daily. Love you bunches!

Girly Muse said...

She is too adorable for words. And sweet and HILARIOUS. I love her loving heart.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Love that Emma! I'm glad she's free to say what she's thinking. Something tells me her brain works overtime.

If I was going to General Conference I'd be looking for an autograph for sure!

Paula said...

I've missed Emma, too!!! :) I love how her mind works. I'm with Renee...I hope she never grows out of that imagination!

And you can put my autograph in my mail packet, too. :D