Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend in Words

Make Lasagna for 5 people besides my 4- four out of the 5 never had lasagna before.

They leave with smiles

Breakfast with Dad in town 30 miles away.

Watching lady with brillo pad hair -lick out of a bowl -(yep she did)

Old Navy, Old friends, Old Cylinda (oh that is me looking at myself in the mirror)


Spanish Service

Kidzlife, Sunday School preparation

Church = 9 AM/11 AM/ Pick up new family/So excited about all of it!

New Friends

Visit Aunt and Uncle- feel like a heel that it has been forever since I have been to visit said aunt and uncle.

Visit lady at hospital that had been released. Well atleast I now know how to get to that floor in that hospital. Kids and John not as positive about the whole journey.

Purple Cow- Yum.

Is it Sunday Night already?

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Kathy McElhaney said...

We often have food conversations at church: "You've never had enchiladas? What country are you from?" "Uh... America..."

Sounds like my Sundays. Definitely not a day of rest, but it's all good!