Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Almost Sunday...

Great day today-

Bacon/Egg/Toast eating
Errand running
Children laughing
Turtle finding
Yard mowing (landlord smiling)
Children hugging
Laundry lugging
Prayer meeting attending
Spanish Church amazing

Now I should be getting ready for Kidzlife but I was trying to get my computer to let me figure out how to connect to our projector at church cause I have this really cool power point I want to show the kids. (longest run on sentence ever- so sorry Lori S)

I also have a teacher's meeting between the 9 AM and 11 AM service.

But alas I am not ready for either.

But the girls did find a turtle today and they named it squirt. They are in love. Emma told me she even heard "Squirt" sneeze. Sheer joy.

Me- I just want wavy hair tomorrow, a hot tea, my cook, personal assistant, secretary, and staff to be ready for when I arise at 6:00 AM. Oh wait. I am all of those people :)

I am going to bed but first I am going to dream of riding bikes in the wind, romantic wedding proposals, and sailing. All of these sound amazing right now. (Random Rant)

Love you and hope you wake up to amazing Sundays~ until then- Fare thee well!

The picture is of my imaginary perfectly wavy but yet not frizzy hair that I have in my dreams.

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Girly Muse said...

I so hope some of your dreams came true today~ especially the hair one. :) Love you and your "rants"...