Friday, September 10, 2010

Piles and doorbells (well I don't actually HAVE a doorbell)

Today started out with a fright as I was not quite ready to face ANYONE. I kept hearing loud persistent knocks on our front door. Finally a key went into the lock and the door sprung open. I then heard "Mrs. Nickel- are you home?"

It was our landlord.

"I am home- but can't see anyone right now", I called.

"That's okay- when you get a second can you open up your garage door? The termite inspector needs to go under your house and into your garage."

I said sure and quickly started to TRY to make myself look presentable. I looked up to the heavens and said out loud. "Wow I know you are laughing right now- really do we have to play does Cylinda have a sense of humor this early?"

I ran into the kitchen and opened up the door to the garage and hit the magical button.

As I walked back into my living room and entry way a lump formed in my throat- he saw the piles.

Piles of clean clothes waiting to be put back into rooms.
Piles of shoes waiting to be put into closets.
Piles of cords (don't ask- I was on a hunt last night).
Piles of paperwork that Emma and Seanna had left by the entry way table.

My heart sunk- once again I was caught with a dirty piled up house.

Why is it we feel like we have to always have the parade of homes ready to photograph our humble abodes?

Why can't we just be happy that we have children with feet that need shoes, children with minds that require school work, computers that need cords, and clothes to shelter our children from the elements of life?

I quickly repented, shoved pride out the doorway, and asked our landlord and termite man if they wanted some sweet tea. They both smiled and said no.

He looked around our yard and said- looks like your husband has been working late hours again huh? The grass answered back by waving with the stiff breeze. I nodded and smiled. "Yes sir, so happy to have a husband who is able to provide for his family."

I felt triumphant- that I had finally squashed the horrible voice of perfection from my head. Just then I caught a glimpse of my flowerbed and the weeds that were smiling up at me with their green teeth.

"And I am responsible for the flower beds. Guess I need to get back from vacation huh?"

Okay- so 50/50 isn't too bad right?

"Sometimes we may have nothing
to show for our work
but much to show to our God."


Paula said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one with piles of stuff that need to be put away...

But you're right...the piles just mean I have PEOPLE in my life and MINISTRY that I'm involved in. :)

Love you, dearie!

Girly Muse said...

oh, i felt the pangs when i read this one. i hate this!!! i've got piles and life and wish i either didn't care about the piles or could keep up with them ALL THE TIME.

good for you. 50/50 is a good start!

love you.

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Thank you for this post!! Just this morning someone called to see if they could come over. They told me that they would be here in about 1 hour. They rang the doorbell in 15 minutes! And yes, I had piles of stuff hanging about. Thanks for the reminder that piles of stuff is a blessing in and of itself.

PS... Does your landlord make it a habit to use her key and just enter whenever?