Friday, July 30, 2010

The Baptism

Last weekend I was at my parents house and found some glorious old pictures. Two that made my heart stop were of my baptism. It was in St. Croix- and I think I was 5 1/2.

I remember praying for no waves that day- I did not want to get sucked up under the water while my Dad was baptizing me. It was dark out so the people watching the baptism would shine their lights on the ocean so that everyone could see.

So what is your story? Where were you baptized? How old were you? Did anything crazy happen?


Kathy McElhaney said...

I love the pictures! Definitely fall under the "glorious" category.

I was 6 1/2 when I was baptized by my first pastor, Bro. Murray Layne. Nothing crazy happened, but both of my brothers were baptized that night as well! I think my Mom's heart must have been bursting with joy.

We knew exactly what to do because we'd been practicing on each other in our swimming pool for years ;)

Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! just absolutely precious. Definitely framers!

I was 16. Nathaniel Haney had just taught my mom, my brother and I a short Bible study on baptism in Jesus name and we decided to get baptized. It was at the West Lane campus of CLC {we actually weren't from STockton, just visiting with some friends} and I was horrified of being baptized way up in the sky with everyone watching {West Lane's baptism is up above the stage front and center}. I asked him to keep the curtain closed. It was a special moment, one that changed my life forever! Thank God for the blood! xoxo

amberle said...

I was 15.It was a Sunday night service. I was a bus kid and was taught it was the right thing to do and I really wanted to live for God. My dad is an athiest and my mom doesn't follow God. It was cool water but when it was over I was warm and I got the Holy Ghost the next Wednesday night.