Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Risk it all- I'm diving in!

Is HE worth the risk?

The Risk of:

· Saying no to a friend

· Shutting out others to talk to him?

· Laying your plans on the altar to see what he opens up?

· Taking a leap of faith to see if his safety net will catch you?

The Chinese symbol for risk is a combination of danger and opportunity.

Risk it all today for him. Lay it on the altar and see what “ram” he will provide in the thicket for you.

(Gen. 22:13)

-Those things he has been challenging you to do- Do them!

-Those dreams that you have pushed into the corner of your mind- pull them out again

-Those relationships that you feel might have a chance of living- reach out for them.

Steven Curtis Chapman has a great song entitled “Dive”. Here is the quote that grabs me- “The river’s deep, the river’s wide, the river’s water is alive, so sink or swim I’m diving in.”

I think this became real to me in March while visiting a fishing spot in Eureka Springs, Ar. We saw a fly fisherman that was getting ready to face the water. He had his waiters on and was walking up to his chest in the moving current. He told me of days when he would catch fifty fish a day. He said that he had to get out in the deep where the fish were. I was not catching any fish because I was not willing to go where they were. He on the other hand was prepared to do what he had to do to take those fish home with him.

The Christian life is not a spectator sport; it’s not something that we get to sit on the side for. We have to get into the living water to experience what it is all about. It’s dangerous, it’s frightening, it’s scary, it’s all of those things but that is how we are called to live our lives. If we are really going to do it- to dive in deep and get lost and lose ourselves in the flow of living water it is a scary thing; you stand there with your knees knocking, your hands shaking, and you are barely able to catch your breath. You will notice that your heart’s racing and you know that the next step you take there is no turning back. But it is that point that you really are in the flow of the spirit. You are ready to do what HE has called you to do for the kingdom.

Isn’t it worth the risk? Your opportunity is waiting on you- dive in!

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