Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Car Ponderings....

I have been spending way to much time in the car lately-

Here are some of the thoughts-

Is Nemo Emo?

Is his friend from the aquarium a cutter?

If Dory can speak whale is she bilingual?

Do rabbits leave footprints or paw prints?

Where to birds go to take baths? Do they use deodorant?

Why are they all hanging out on the same wire staring at traffic?

Do police laugh when everyone brakes as they approach?

Who was that lady going through the neighbors trash right on the main road today?

Is my little girl lawn ornament tired of holding that watering can? Is it heavy yet?

Why did the maid not show up for the past year? The cook and the butler must be stuck in traffic with her.

How can a dog the size of a paper clip produce so much urine and poo?

Where are the four missing hair brushes in my house?

What would happen to Pringle if I put him in the dryer?

Would it be wrong to name Pringle - Pringle Izza Nickel?

Happy Tuesday!

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