Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday was yet an another amazing day at NLC. Really. Some days I just sit and say God- thanks for letting me be a tiny part of this church. Pastor Gaddy preached his last message in the 1st half of 2010. He reminded us to count our blessings.

I have never stopped and looked at June 30th as half time until he brought it up yesterday. Half time is the perfect time to re-evaluate.

Stop and look at your blessings. He encouraged us this week to stop and list some of our blessings. So here are some of mine:

- God- Wow he is a given so does not make the list. He shows his love to me daily and showers me with blessings. I love that I can talk to him 24/7. He has my back and might I add doesn't even mind that it is a tad bit pudgy. I love talking to him and being in his Word. It is like a cool diet coke on a hot summer day.

1. John, Seanna, Emma, my parents, my brother and his family, John's sister and her family. Extended family- you know who you are- Love you all!

2. MK Ministries- I just flat out love my job, mks, and the joy of working with them daily.

3. New Life Church- I have just gotten to know so many at NLC in the last six months. Thanks for taking us in, loving our kids- and well being amazing you.

4. Kidzlife- I love these kids. They are awesome. To see their growth is a blessing in itself. That doesn't include the tips of knowledge that I get every Wed and Sunday. A lot of them are really reaching out in prayer and worship. I love to see kids in the altar and really giving 100% to God. Proud of you all (Who am I kidding they don't read this blog- but I had to throw it out there).

5. Friends- I have friend near and far (mostly far- as in the far corners of the earth) they make my life sparkle.

6. This blog. It has brought me into contact with so many new friends. You all enrich my life in so many ways.

7. The fact that I can remember to microwave a cold hot dog bun for exactly 30 seconds from frozen to perfect. I have this number finally in my brain. I have fried those things into hardened bricks deserving of the trash can for years. 30 is the hot dog buns best number.

8. Paper plates (Mom if you read this blog stop reading right now and move on to number 9). Up until this past year I could not use paper plates as my Mom was sitting on my shoulders shaking her head no. I have in the past six months started using them for lunch only- and wow- I love them. I still say "no" to them at breakfast and dinner. But love the fact that I can throw away everything when I am done. I know crazy cool right?

9. Encouragers in my life. There have been some days in the past 6 months that I was ready to give up on different areas of my life. I have some special God-Sent people that have called, texted, emailed, listened at the perfect time. Thanks for being a lifter of my Load.

10. Books. Yep I am a huge book lover. This past six months I have read on purpose. Love that books make you want to sit up and slap yourself silly, or they can make you want to hug a loved one in your life, they also have been known to make one giggle in the silence of the night. Books have been my best friend since the summer after the 3rd grade. I have re-embraced them over the last six months. I still have a huge stack to tackle- but they are patient with me.

Okay I have way more than 10 blessings but I must needs get back to work- so I am stopping here. This is my 490th post. Thanks to 39,987 people who have stopped by to read this blog. Some of you even come back and comment. Wow. I don't know why you do- but I am sure happy you are in my life!

Happy Monday- and just say "no" to warm potato salad, chicken salad, and anything else that has mayo in the heat (yep that was my free tip for the day)



Amy said...

haha!! ok the bun, paperplate and pudgy back comment killed me!!! LOVE IT. And yeah, my mom would die if she knew I used paper plates as much as I do. :)

I so hear you lady. Really, truly. You are so great. Such an encourager. I wish we lived closer and could get to know eachother better. Coming out to Stockton anytime soon? :) We'll be at the Community...going there? hmmm...we'll have to meet up.

Anyway, last thing...I didn't know you went to the Gaddy's church. Very cool. They are awesome! xoxo

Lori said...

As always, I love your list. :)