Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Voices From Breakfast

So this week I am at Crusaders Camp with 17 of our Kids From New Life Church. John and I serve as the Children's Pastor there. I was going to try to "Work" during the day and be there for them and be here for them at night. I have had Internet issues so it has been more like- be there for them in the day, and be there for them at night :)

Today while in the breakfast line- I heard the funniest conversation. It became my facebook status- Conversation heard in 8-11 camp line... Man I need to find that girl from last night. She played basketball all night and didn't stink.

I tried not to laugh as I looked at the little guy behind me in line. He himself could have embraced a can of Extra Dry.

I also had a little girl approach me and ask if I saw her Ziplock baggie of money that she left on a table. I said which table? She said- you know- one of them around here. I said- no sorry. I asked her if she had more money and she did. I also asked her if she was having fun. She told me that she was outside of having to watch this other girl who was a "newbie" at camp. What 9 year old knows the word newbie? That freaks me out.

At their "Round up" (morning devotion time) I was approached by another boy who asked me if I knew where his dorm counselor was. I said no (since I don't know any of the men counselors). He looked at me and said- don't answer so quickly you might want to think about it. LOL

Then after "Round up" I was approached by a girl that goes to our church. Her cousin had thrown up in the hall by the bathrooms and they wanted me to come and help her and clean up the vomit. Oh yes please can I (I thought). Instead I smiled and went to help her. She was pale as a ghost and mortified that she had thrown up in front of other kids. I went and put paper towel on it and then went to help her. Went back to clean it up to have about 7 kids hovering asking how to clean up vomit. Yep I did. Maybe they could have that as an elective this next year. Vomit cleaning 101.

So just wanted to update you all. I am in Redfield, AR. The tiniest town in America (OK close to it). There is a really cool restaurant that looks like an orange on the left had side of the road on the way here. I might just get adventurous and go check it out one day for lunch. NO PROMISES!!

Have a great Tuesday -



Paula said...

Toooooo funny!!!! Ah, the joys of kids camp. Just think, that girl will be telling that story for YEARS - of how she threw up at camp and had to get someone to clean it up. :D :D

Thanks for sharing the news. :) I can live vicariously through you!!! :)

Renee said...

You MUST eat at the Big Orange! It's actually pretty good, if my memories from...a few...years ago serve me correctly! But even if it's not, it's a rite of passage for Arkansas Camp. You are bringing back some of my best memories, and I thank you!

PS, You probably don't have to worry about it too much at Crusader Camp, but punishment for "personal contact" included scrubbing toilets with your toothbrush...I always took 5 or 6 with me just in case!

Lori said...

Ahhhh, memories in the making. I hope you have survived...the heat, the vomit cleaning, and the many laughs that must be taking over! :) You're a good woman.