Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am a little behind on everything. I will just admit it. Isn't that the first step in recovery? I am a week behind on the MK weekly Devotionals- Look - you can see for yourself. I am behind on my weekly letter to the NLC parents, and I am behind on blogging, and well about every other area of my life. But that's okay. I still am chubby and cute- so some I am caught up on!

Last weekend I went to Milwaukee to see my friends Jenni, Jose, and Kim. We then drove over to Chicago to meet Chris for some Cheesecake Factory bliss right in the heart of shopping district. I had to remind myself to calm down as I wanted to sprint away from the restaurant and head into Coach, Burberry, the American Girl Store, and other stores that were calling my name.

I realized after this weekend that it had been too long. Too long since I had a weekend where I did not open my laptop, too long since I just sat and laughed at silliness, too long since I had been with old friends that I did not have to qualify my statements too, too long since I could just have fun and even snort when I laughed. Thanks Jen, Jose, Kim- it was great.

I returned to Little Rock (I almost typed Charlotte- I have lived here almost a year you think my brain would catch up) on Sunday. I have had some sort of flu/virus/bug all week. This combined with work, laundry that was piled as high as the Matterhorn, and a dirty house brought me right back into reality. Yep 12 loads of laundry has a way of doing that.

This week has been amazing. I can tell you about every crack, crevice, and texture change in my bathroom but I won't. I know - thank your lucky stars- or your lucky charms- either one.

Just when I wake up and think- wow- today I am going to have energy- this thing rises its ugly head and says no you won't. It is a combo cold, fever, stomach bug, energy zapping thing. Now that I have dedicated three whole paragraphs about it I am done.

On Monday afternoon after my fever broke we drove 2 1/2 hours to see my amazing niece and her friends sing at the IBC Praise and Chorale concert. I was also happy to see Haley Hemus- MK to the UK (yep I am a rapper), and meet a lot of Kaylin's talented friends.

For some reason this CD is amazing- it trumps the others. I am not just saying that to be all sweet and syrupy it really is. It's like it marches into your home grabs every one's hearts and makes you really listen to the words. It is anointed, fresh, moving, allows you to really praise with it and - well- just go buy it. You can buy the CD at .

My favorite it Heaven on Earth- News Flash- my niece is the soloist- yep she is that amazing.

Seanna and Emma were precious- they loved the whole night. Then when Kaylin prayed with them and even brought her friends over to meet them- well how can any night get better?

I was so happy to finally meet Shannon- she is one amazing person that I have met through this blog. You know how you can just tell within two seconds whether or not you love someone - well I do- and she is great! I know that this will be one of those friendships that sticks.

Okay- I think that about sums up my week. Oh I'm sorry did I hear someone ask for more details about me being sick? No? Are you sure? Kidding. I don't want to do that to you.

I could give you the detail about our new puppy Pringle eating a red string and Seanna and Emma dealing with the outcome of that- but who really wants to read about that before 10 AM on a Friday morning. Not me.

Love you bloggy buddies. I will add pictures later today. Right now I am heading back to the______ Yep- you fill in the blank!


Below is two random Emma-isms for all of you that like those:

Conversation with Emma today- I am in a band at school called the Ladybugs- you know Mom- kind of like the Beatles only different. She is the lead singer, manager, and song writer. I am thinking since there is only one other member in the band's more like a duet!

Love it when I walk my 9 year old into school and she corrects the way I am holding my wallet- "Mom we don't want them all to think you are 'weird' do we? Now put your arm down like this" When did she become my Mom?Those are this weeks Emma-isms for you. Now on to life


Michelle Palmer said...

Sorry you're not feeling well...I think that's what I understood. lol. Glad though that you enjoyed your visit with old friends. It's the best when you can just be you. So refreshing. They know you, they love you. the end. love it.
I emailed you the other day but it came back undeliverable..not sure if it was due to content or a wrong address. Haha just kidding. I hope.
Take care..feel better.

Andrea said...

Praying for you, today. Hope you have a great day.
Blessings, andrea

Kathy McElhaney said...

Love this: "Old friends that I did not have to qualify my statements..." Glad I have friends like that in my life, too.

Sorry you've been sick. I could say something like "just let it run its course" but I think that's already happening, even though you didn't say so...

Emma and the Ladybugs! She just needs some backup singers.

I'm going to check out the IBC CD now.

Love ya!

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Aww,I Love you too! Isnt it amazing how that you can meet someone for the first time and feel like you have known them your whole life??!!! Cant wait to get together again! I have been praying for you this week, I hope you feel much better and have a super awesome weekend! :o) Shannon

Girly Muse said...

Aw, I feel worn out just reading this. Hope you're resting somewhere in there. Pray you get better QUICK!

I'm so glad you had time away with ones, at that. :)

That Emma, she slays me every time.

Have a good day. Get better. Love you!

Paula said...

Go Ladybugs!!! I like them better than old beetles any day. :D

Hope you're feeling better!! But SO glad you had a weekend away and you really took the time off. I know how hard it is to do ~ but it is necessary. Now, if you just had a laundry fairy to handle the 'coming home', huh?? :)

LOL @ the red string incident.

Love you!