Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How about this- DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT...

Have you ever had something that bothered you in the back of your mind 24/7 ?
Have you ever had something that came up as an excuse, a hindrance, a "thing" ?
Have you ever had something that was the reason that you didn't try new things or pursue dreams?

Then do something about it.

Really- how hard is it?

Are your teeth crooked? Then look into braces- get a second job and pay monthly.

Are you over weight? Then shove away from the table for Pete's sake (who is Pete?- I don't know but I am preaching to myself here)

Do you feel like walking to the mailbox is a work out? Push yourself daily, walk further!

Do you feel like your debt is swallowing you alive? Work a second job- cut up the credit cards, make a plan, budget!

Do you feel like your kids are ruling your life? Set boundaries for them- do you know what? They really want them.

Are you in a relationship that has you trapped? Then go find books to better that marriage, friendship, family relationship! Get counseling, make a plan, set goals for that relationship.

Are you frustrated with your career choice? Then go to night school, pursue a dream, make some phone calls. Let the Lord open doors.

Do you find that you are always dreaming, planning, scheduling but not doing?


Make a plan
Then stick to it

Are you going to fail at times- Yes?
Are you going to stumble on the plan- most assuredly!
But at least you are getting up and trying it.

What's the worst thing that could happen? You could fail...
But you know what? You just might succeed and that my friend is worth every risk out there.

I am really just typing this to myself and letting you all in on it.
Just consider yourself as a visitor in the amphitheatre of my mind- but you are not taking up residence it's pretty busy up there.

I will tell you this-

If it is worth the risk- just a tiny bit- there is no failure that can cripple you
If you fall- get back up again
If you don't do this thing
This amazing plan
Be the better you that you know you can be
If you don't strive to do it
You will be 97 - and laying on your death bed with regret.

I will live with a lot of things- buy regret is not one of them

So what scripture do I have to back up this action? Several

Faith without works is dead- James 2:20
Whatsoever thy hands find to do- do it with all of thy might- Ecc.9:10
I have plans to prosper you- Jeremiah 29:11
You are the head and not the tail- Duet 28:13

Go out there and do it- It is yours for the conquering!


Melissa Hineman said...

This post spoke to me so much today -- thank you for the encouragement to take new first steps and God willing, He will lead and show the rest of the staircase:-) Love and miss you! -- Melissa

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Thank you for this post! Shani