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Happy Mother's Day...

I was going through my notes today while trying to find something that I used for a presentation for kids to their Mothers for Mother's Day- and found my notes from a Mother's Day Service I taught at- Enjoy- and Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Enjoy your day!

Beyond the Roses….Giving Honor

All that I am I owe to my mother…

She taught me me patience…..Just wait till your dad gets home

She taught me about prayer….you had better prayer that stain gets out

She taught me about vengeance…just wait till you have kids

She taught me that God was my helper…God help you if you ever do that again…

She taught me about popularity…I don’t care what the other kids are doing…you’re not.

In all honesty my Mother is one of my best friends and my hero.

She is called daily and loved greatly by all of us!

Giving Honor

1 out of 5 flowers are sold on mothers day. But Beyond the Flowers…We need to give the gift of honor.

My Mother taught me about being a :

Giver: She saved her grocery money for 4 weeks to by my shoes at Bata Shoe Store

Servant: She daily worked on the things of God. She never complained about being too busy doing KINGDOM WORK

Encourager: When John and I got married he told me the greatest thing I can tell you about my mom is that is my greatest cheerleader.

Hardworker: When I was a teenager my parents were in the process of building a Bible School. She was in charge of mixing cement. Not a leader who told you what to do…She showed you how to do it.

She taught me the Word of God and lived it daily in front of me. She patterned how to be a prayer warrior.

When Seanna was 7 she wanted be a Veterinarian. When Emma was 5 she wanted to grow up have a big belly and then be a Mommy.

That is cute but the scripture says: “My heritage is beautiful to me." What kind of heritage am I living in front of my children?


Living Honor…

So today we want to live a life of honor before our children

When you leave this earth- what will your children say about you?

-Well I don’t have too many memories but she was sure organized.

-I don't remember her playing with me- but I knew my bed was made.

-I can't remember family night- but we did watch the TV together.

These are four things that I want to live to have a life of Honor before the lord:

  1. Transparent Tenderness

Mothers are the nurturer’s….Mothers are the care givers. Hugs are free at our house…and each hug should come with a kiss. How can we get so buy that we can’t stop and give a hug, or say great job,

Kids spell Love T I M E

I want my children to rise up as in Proverbs 31 and call me blessed

  1. Sense of Humor/Insight

Women are just like tea…when the hot water is poured on you can see what they are made of. How do you react to situations around the house? As soon as they make a mistake do they cower from you? Do you actually smile, or joke with them?

I remember a Pastor’s wife that we knew who would hit her son over the head with a songbook and tell him to worship during church. I think their might have been a better way to pattern that.

Pray for a sense of humor. Pray for Wisdom.

  1. Spiritual Walk :

Above all I must be a praiser

I must be in the Word

I must be a prayer warrior

I have to diligently pray for my children and be an example of a Christ like Woman in front of them.

SOS 1:6 They made me keeper of the vineyard but my own vineyard I have not kept.

My spiritual walk comes before anything else in my home. If I am not spending time with Him, then I won’t be able to server Them.

  1. Love Comes Through

A Mother needs only to step into the shower to be instantly reassured that she is inseparable to every member of her family. (amen)




Offer Hospitality to one another without GRUMBLING. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to share with others faithfully administer God’s Grace in various Forms I Peter 4:9-10

SHOW his love.

Velveteen Rabbit book tells us the love makes us real.

As you are going through the Process in your life…HIS love is making you real…

You are becoming real and so are your children.

SO….Go beyond the Flowers Giving and try Living Honor!

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Girly Muse said...

this is just so full of nuggets (haha, the word "nugget" kills me, sorry) that i'm gonna have to read this one over and over.

love you. you're a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, WOMAN.