Monday, April 26, 2010

Make Big Plans

I felt so impressed in prayer today for someone out there. The only thing is I don't know who you the best thing I can do is to write.

To write and to let you know that it is okay to:
Dream big dreams
To make big plans
To have high hopes

Do you know why? Because he is standing there right beside you whispering those dreams, thoughts, and visions into you. HE is the one that has created you and the very hopes that he has put into you will come to pass. Not because of anything you have done or have merited- but because of the very nature of HIM. The God of the universe.

We see little plans
Little secure nooks
Safe dwelling places

But he sees the big picture. Things that would blow you away.

So today- open the shutters of your life. Shove your head up in the air and breathe in HIM. That is all he is calling us to do. To life fully for him daily.

And just you wait and see- those plans that you have made- well that is the just the beginning of what he has in store for you!

I am excited that you are in my life and I will get to be on the side line cheering for you!


amberle said...

wow Cylinda....I think that was for me today.


GATS GUY said...

I'll take that for me today, as well. But, I need a big staff to go along with it. Seriously!

Mary said...

Awesome.....I think this was for many of us out here :)

You are a wonderful writer inspired by God and I'm glad that I get to read your writings..

Mary Smith

Andrea said...

Shutters open....taking big breaths...
Thank you..I needed this, today.

Girly Muse said...

You're the most awesomestestest.

Love you. You say the most inspiring things.

Amy said...

Thank you. So needed. xoxo