Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Voices I hear....

Emma- Come on Mom you really let me down this time- I asked for you to bring me my back pack while I was in the bathroom.

Seanna- Thanks for the new backpack Mom- you are making this Space Camp trip the best.

Emma- If you are spending that much money on HER for space camp what about me?

John- Did you miss me while I was gone for a week or did you just pour yourself into more work and take you work-a-holic self to a new level?

Aunt Mary- Are you sure we have been here eating for an hour? It feels like five minutes and I need to talk to you more.

Jenni- I can't wait for you to come and see me. I need friends that are here that I can laugh with.

Emma- Mom we are out of toilet paper. Do you want us to us copy paper? Come on Mom- that would hurt.

Seanna- Mom- you are the greatest. And I am not just saying that because of my new bike seat.

John- Um what's for dinner?

One of the 15 people that was over for dinner on Sunday- This night was the best. I love laughing with you.

One of the 15 people that was over for dinner on Sunday- Really? You cooked that?

Cylinda- Well it was NOT my recipe.

Friend on Phone- Will you meet me for lunch?
Cylinda- I already had a brunch of a "Smart One"
Friend on Phone- That doesn't count.
Cylinda- I will be there.

Steve (Brother in Dominican)- (talking to girls in the background) I am talking to Cylinda. (Cylinda's heart beats faster- my brother loves me)

Friend that was in car the other day- I am glad you are in Arkansas.

Friend on voicemail- You have been late for almost two years at your job now. Are you ever coming back? (That is a loose translation- as I don't remember it word for word).

Cylinda to un-named person- I really stink at this MK Ministries thing. I am not impacting my world. Really is this really a God calling or one of my stupid dreams?

Person that was sitting next to me while I am waiting to get my oil changed- Clean Oil is Happy Oil.

Person that is sitting next to me while I am waiting to get my oil changed- I got this shirt for 1.00 at Wal-Mart the day after St. Paddy's day. I got my shoes for 3.00 and my car for 300.00.

Cylinda- Good to know.

Cylinda feels bad after man leaves oil changing place as she realizes that he has a huge hole type scar in the back of his head. He just needed a smile and a quick hug- and I was annoyed by his constant chatter.

Cylinda- God I messed up again- are you sure you still accept me? I mean really... how many people do you have to send my way for me to realize I need to reach out. Put my phone away and really love people?

God to Cylinda- I really do love you.

Cylinda to God- You are talking about the 5'4" chubby girl with wrinkles that lives with the the extremely tall husband, who has two cute girls and is addicted to Diet Coke? You love that girl?

God to Cylinda- The very same.

Cylinda- Back atcha Jesus and tomorrow I will try not to mess up so bad.

I think at this point he put down his diet coke that he was sipping with me and gave me an air hug. Well in my minds eye he did! He's just that amazing!

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Michelle Palmer said...

Michelle to Cylinda - you rock.

Michelle to God - make me more like her.

God to Michelle - just be the best you that you can be.


I love you.