Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Steal Away.....

John are currently hiding away in Eureka Springs, Ar. Shhh don't tell anyone. The kids flew out to Mom and Dads on Saturday- and Sunday after church we hit the road. Well it was all great until we hit- SNOW. Yes. It was covered with snow and even snowing when we got here. Everything was closed down. Which was fine by us. We are fine with eating at Pizza Hut. It was one of the three restaurants that was open in town.

Our room is amazing. It is a bread and breakfast. I have always been a little anti-bread and breakfast- but this has changed my mind. The room is spectacular. It is spotless and who could resist the fireplace and sitting area. The breakfast are so good they make you want to tear up and cry. I shamefully think of when I have people at my house and they eat - um cereal. Kidding. But today I had eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, bacon, bran muffin surprise, and fresh fruit. Um pinch me. Really?

We have been having a blast....

We went to Cosmic Cave today - have I mentioned that John is 6'8"- and the cave is low and tight. Yep. But it was me that was hyperventilating during the tight spots. But hey I saw a rock formation that looked like Santa Claus and one that looked like a mouse hanging on a string. What more could you want?

We went to Beaver Lake and Beaver Dam and had a little picnic. Yep- I love my husband. What can I say we listened to the water trickling into the lake from all of the melting snow. Um did I mentioned we stayed a little too long on our rock- island and had to wade through water to get back. UH HUH! I have the wet tennis shoes to prove it. I actually wore tennis shoes out in public today. I had to wear them into the cave and then wore them at our little picnic. I kept looking around to make sure that no one recognized me. John thought that was so funny. Hey if you love your tennis shoes- go for it. I just don't leisurely wear my Avia's.

Yesterday was probably my favorite. We went to this really cool exotic cat rescue place. They have over 100 cats. Lions and tigers and bears oh my. Yep they have two bears. The funniest thing was when this lion named Willy (Yes this is actually Willy pictured below) decided that he wanted to spray John. I think he thought he was a giraffe- and he was like- look if I can break out of here- the tall one is mine.I took pictures of John's wet shirt and laughed for about 10 minutes. Yep I did. I kept asking John to walk over there again to see if he would repeat it- but alas John would not.

The best part about getting away is that I get to be with JOHN. Wednesday is his birthday. Since moving to Arkansas we have only had one date... so it has been a real treat. I love spending time with him. I know- mushy comment alert. But the reason that I married him 12 years ago is that he is well- spectacular. How do I feel today? He is even more amazing.

Hope you all are having a great week. We leave in the morning back to reality. SO I am going to get off of the computer and back to enjoying my little get-away!


Amy said...

awwww!! Lucky duck! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! So nice! And food sounds devine! {that's always my fave part of a trip, hehe}

And girl, you need to get yourself a pair of pumas. You'll be willing to wear tennies in public anytime!! :)

Girly Muse said...

This is wonderful! So glad you're getting this time away with your lovey. It looks like a beautiful place.

Fun fact: My parents spent their honeymoon in Eureka Springs! Awww.

Hilarious about John and the spraying! hahahaha

Enjoy the last night! ;)

Melinda said...

As far as the lion goes, John is now part of the rare group of people who have a story like that. Welcome John. I'm Melinda Poitras and it has been seven years since I have been sprayed by a lion. However, if it didn't get all up in his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth he might have to join a different group.

So glad you're having fun!

Renee said...

We spent our honeymoon in Eureka Springs! So glad you're relaxing. The only sad part about the spraying...Emma wasn't there to have a great line!

Kathy McElhaney said...

So glad you're having a great time. You deserve it!

Kuddos to John for not wiping his wet shirt on you when you were laughing...

Paula said...

Okay, my internet is finally cooperating and allowing me to get on here...I already emailed you but wanted to say PUBLICLY...hehe...so glad you're having fun and having this time to relax and enjoy your hubby.

Gurl, I can't believe you're wearing tennis shoes!!! Pics, please!!! Oh and definitely need the wet shirt pics. :) Happy Birthday, John! Definitely a present he won't forget. :D

Love ya!