Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Feathers are Falling...

Hey guys- I am behind and scattered- so I have not been blogging. Why have I not been blogging? That requires stopping. I have revisited Melani Shocks statement again about life being built on the ebb and flow. It has been a week of flow around here. I am gut splitting happy- just running around like the rest of you.

This week involves aunt in the hospital, family coming in from out of town, parents coming in from out of town, friends coming in from out of town, finalizing the Easter Drama at NLC, Emma's Birthday on Sunday, FULLY cleaning my house, getting caught up at work, telling my daughter she can't go to a Birthday Party, telling my other daughter that I will pick up her friend to take to the play, and so on and so forth. You know- just life.

So today while on the phone with an MK I took my keys and put them in the fridge and put the cheese and mustard and put them in my purse.

I went to take returns back to Target and realized that I did not have the returns with me 20 minutes down the road.

Last night I went to take a friend some long promised children's hangers and backed into her neighbors brick mailbox. Emma was with me and loudly announced it to John when we got home.

Because I wanted to see what damage I did- I drove my car partially into the garage. I forgot that it was not fully in and closed the garage door down on my car- went into the house to answer the girls- went right back into the garage and did it again.

I was on the phone with another MK while I went out to get my two trash cans in- I had my phone balanced on my ear/shoulder and a trash can in each hand. I had a neighbor go by- she waved, I waved, and both trash cans started rolling down the hill. I was running after both of them. I looked over as my neighbor (another one) had seen the whole thing and thought it was hilarious. I did not tell the MK and tried to remain composed through out the whole conversation.

I have had a great laugh over all of this tonight and evidently chaos makes me very verbose.......hmmmm

The Feathers are Falling
And I can't catch them all
There's friends, family, and work that constantly call
I can't hold them all
in my tight little hand

The more that I grasp
The further they fly
Even further out of reach
As they float to the sky

I am sick of of the all knowing nods
from those that don't understand
and the guilt that I feel
after another failed plan

So today- I am failing forward
I bring all my feathers to you
Because even thought I struggle to hold pieces
you stand ready holding the glue

The feathers are falling and I am bringing them all to you!

Happy Tuesday Bloggy Buddies!


Amy said...

Oh girl, THANK YOU for posting this. I so needed to know other people are living life like me.

Target/no bags- SO ME!! Ugh

as well as several of those other ones, especially the garage on car. :(

Thanks for making me laugh and reminding me that HE is the glue!

cheyenne said...

I can totally relate Cylinda! Love you!

palmerama said...

yup yup

Girly Muse said...

i loved every single bit of this...the poem is wonderful.

and thanks for the giggles. man. it sure helps to know i'm not the only one. :) on a regular basis i try to put my purse in the fridge and other such awful things.

life can be too much to be fully rational. falling forward is a daily necessity.

love this and love you.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Thanks for making me laugh today! We've had feathers flying around here too.

Paula said...

Wow. Thanks. I needed to read that. I think I'll bring my feathers to Him, too!!!

Thanks for the laughs. Now I have a mental image of you running after trash cans. :D

Love you much!