Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes......Is it okay to Hate some of my favorite bloggers? I'm just saying....

Okay HATE is a sharp word. I don't mean it at all. I probably in this case mean envy/love.

Let me first of all say that I adore these people (before you get all postal and tell someone to call 911)- so it is all in good jest (kind of).

I hate the way that Lori Sabin is such a wordsmith, a beautiful Mom, Wife, friend to all, business owner, and she still looks like a beautiful model 24/7.

Oh- I'm sorry did I mention she can sing and play like no other? Yep I am pretty certain that she falls under the envy category. I can play the radio does that count :)


I hate the way that Amy has a toddler, baby, and a huge life and can STILL create a beautiful blog, amazing creations like this:

and still look cute. Yep I am pretty certain that she falls under the envy category. Did I mention she is as thin as a twig? I'm pretty sure if you lift up her sweatshirt.....
you will see wings.

Then there is Melinda. Melinda is such a beautiful person on the inside and out. See for yourself. She is on the right side- she is with her equally amazing sister Candra.

I hate the way that she can walk by a mud puddle and say- WOW- I have to blog about that. It is the parody of life- the dirt mixed with the water- they represent the constant struggle that we face. Bam- you will see an instant amazing blog flow out of her just because she walked by the mud puddle. Yep you envy her already don't you?

New blogger Cheyenne is well I HATE TO SAY.....spectacular.

She has been through a lot in her young life but exudes grace, humor, and is a supermom (again check under the sweatshirt- you WILL see a cape.) I hate the way (again hate=envy in this blog) Cheyenne can just out of no where decide---hmm I am going to start a blog- and it's amazing. She dreams of running a marathon- and gets out there and does it. She comes up with a new kitchen design....

and suddenly needs to be listed in the whose who of Chicago suburb homes. Need I say more. I think not.
Then we are moving on to Laurissa.

I hate the way she can take pictures of - let's say a piece of pie for example- and make it look like a masterpiece. She is currently in the Philippines and the pictures of her mango,banana, whatever creations make my mouth water. Pictures that make your mouth water? Come on people this is hating material. Oh and did I mention that she has a command of the English language like no other? Yep! She probably pulls her hair out when she reads my blog. In case you can't tell- Cylinda does NOT have a grasp on grammar. Yep I admit it.


Okay then there is Kathy. Kathy is one of those ones who actually leaves comments on others blogs - yep so for all of you lurkers that never comment we bloggers yearn for comments!

She has an amazing attitude- even though life has not always handed her roses. Get this- she is a runner. You and I dabble with jogging to and from the mailbox....but this chick runs. I know right? We are not worthy to call her a friend. Moving on- she has amazing recipe's on her blog and I tried one and the family thought they had died and gone to heaven.

Tomorrow or whenever I can blog next I will write part deaux (that's two in redneck) of this hate/love/envy fest!

Seriously- God has blessed me with some pretty incredible people in my life- see what a little blog will do? It reaches across the computer screen grabs hearts and intertwines them forever! Happy Friday Bloggy Buddies!


Girly Muse said...

So I was coming over to my favorite blog because I can never WAIT to read whatever you post and then I see my schnoz. Girl, don't be hatin'. You have absolutely no reason because you are delovely, defabulous, deamazing CYLINDA who can write, feel, create, and just about whatever else you want~ the socks off of all of us.

I adore you.

Amanda Fouke said...

Then there are people like Cylinda. She can write some awesome, inspiring stuff. She is beautiful, never aging lady of God. Has time for church, family, and MKs alike. Oh, so wonderful to have a friend like her that can write something so simple yet so profound that you wonder why we make it so hard. Love ya!

Kathy McElhaney said...

I'm unworthy to be in such company. What a wonderful friend you are! I check your blog daily in case I missed a new Emmaism or Cylinda crazy story, but the posts that count the most are the ones when you write from your heart, encouraging, prodding, and making me think.

Love you!

cheyenne said...

Have you looked in the mirror lately? You, my dear, are the amazing woman who we are all envious of! You wear so many hats, and you rock them all!!! One of those "hats" affects us directly. You have SO MUCH love for the MKs. You take the time to write and visit so many while still keeping up with your family and the rest of your life! You are the real hero!

Amy said...

OMW!!! I am honored! Even if how you portray me is completely false.... hehe. Thank you!! You are super sweet.

And girl, YOU ARE HYSTERICAL!. Seriously. You make me laugh! You are a fantastic blogger and obviously a great friend, God has given you MUCHO talent. And more importantly, you touch others and in my book, that is tops.

so there is my LOVE comment...hehe. xoxo

Jim Poitras said...

Hunted your blog down. So glad I did!

Jim said...

Great blog from a great lady!

Michelle Emmett Palmer said...

I hate that I don't know you better. But I am grateful for the inspiration you bring, even if it is just a virtual friendship! Your posts make me laugh, cry and want to be a better mom, friend, wife, and I guess that puts you in the same catagory of those that you wrote so graciously about!

Riss said...

You are just the sweetest! I'm all smiles this morning because I was featured on the popular Cylinda's Sundries blog! It's a high compliment coming from you. And I really don't know what you're talking about when you say you don't have a grasp on grammar. You're a verbal gangster! I love you to pieces! Phone date when I come home... so much to catch up on.

Melinda said...

:) I adore you. Your honesty and candor and the way you blog WITH a point FOR a change are some of the reasons I keep blogging at all. And you're funny. So funny it's ridiculous. With a mad obsession for Diet Coke and the people you love more than the beverage. I love you!

Doris Plaster said...

What a great post. Very clever and inspiring :-))