Monday, April 12, 2010


I guess from the time I was in my early 20's and read "It takes so little to be above average" I have highly rated and have always desired to be an encourager. An up-lifter, a listener, a caring person. Now let's be real people. I have not always batted a 1000 at this (my number for the day is 1000) but I have dusted the dirt of my knees a time or two and tried again.

I love people that sweep into a room and leave your feeling like you are worth a $1000.00 dollars- those are encouragers!!

People that believe in you, live life cheering by your side, know what to say and how to say it, and will be there when the crowd has left.

Reasons to be an encourager?

  • WHY NOT DO IT- It's free
  • You make a lasting impression on others
  • You are actually loving someone like Christ does
  • It takes the place of negative chitter chatter that can enter into a conversation.

Here is what NOT to do:

1. Give fake compliments just to say something. People can smell that from a 20 mile radius.

2. Say cliche things- like "God won't put more on you than you can bear." "He will never leave you" "He is the lifter of the Load" "Better you find out now- rather than later", "If they won't be healed now- they will be in heaven." People already know these things and don't want to hear you say them. They can repeat all of that in their head on their own.

3. Look up at the ceiling or at peoples feet while talking to them. Keep eye contact- but not the creepy staring eye contact. It is a delicate balance. You know what I mean no need to linger here.

Some Simple things to do:

1. Sent a note to someone to let them know you had them on your mind.

2. Tell someone a great quality about themselves that they might not see.

3. Send them a random Facebook message or email praising something you caught them doing lately that was exceptional.

4. Share a story with the person as to how they have touched your life in a personal way. People love to hear a good story. Why not let them in on how they have helped you in the past. Plus when they re-visit a good memory- it releases that feel good endorphin all over again.

5. Be available for them. It is one thing to say- let me know if I can do anything- It's another thing to say- I want to buy you lunch on Wednesday- is that a good day for you. When people are going through things- they don't want to be a bother. You have to be the planner and lifter of their load. Take them out for a coffee, give them a phone call, send them a funny text.

Okay- now that I am typing this all out I have not idea why I am getting so "teachy" on it today. I just think it is something the world needs more of.

I have had such reactions this past week when I have encouraged on purpose.

1. The lady at Wal-mart got tears in her eyes when I thanked her for doing a great job. That took a whole 10 seconds out of my day.
2. The sales person in the Big and Tall department grew about 10 inches when I told him he was the best sales person I had encountered all day. That took about 15 seconds.
3. The girls and I love to pay it backward in the drive through line. I have blogged about this before. They can't wait to see the reaction of the people behind us. I let them look only in a sneaking way- not full on stare- that takes away the blessing factor. Smile. Um the free food was nice but the creepy staring kids stole the joy out of the situation. Not good!

Have a great week. Remember - your tool that was given to you is encouragement. Take it out this week and use it. You will be amazed at what a kind word can do! It usually turns around and ministers right back at you!


Girly Muse said...

You are SUCH an encourager~ I have always loved that so much about you. That and the fact that you are hilarious, of course. And so cute. And loving. And well, adorable.

The tips are wonderful. You encourage ME to be encouraging. :)

Kathy McElhaney said...

I love the encouragers in my life, and yes, you're one! And it's always a good day to BE an encourager!

Michelle Emmett Palmer said...

it's okay to get "teachy" on a subject that you practice what you teach. We need to be teached. (still using Indigo's line...cause I loved it).
Thanks for practicing what you teach!

Doris Plaster said...

I love your post. Thanks.