Friday, February 05, 2010

I wish....

I Wish-

Patrick Dempsey would quit calling me to play a part in his next movie with him. I am a little too busy.

Either all of these dirty clothes would combust or just wash themselves.

The dust would develop a leader who with a very loud whistle would call the rest of the dust in the house and they would all march out in victory to another location. They have been residing her too long.

That someone would talk about this Elephant that has been in this room way to long.

I had a new cute helmet- the one I currently wear needs a spot to stick my pony tail out the back of it. {That is from the quote of - Life is hard- Wear a cute Helmet}

That the girls would get zapped (with a small tiny shock not a harsh hurtful one) every time that they lay their dirty clothes around the house.

That groceries would re-appear every time that you used the last item up in your kitchen.

That I had a Diet Coke fountain in my hallway or kitchen {can't decide which would look better}

That I was my in-head age of 35. Come on- you know you have an age that you think you are in your head.

That my far away friends could all fly in for a weekend, we could rent a cabin in the mountains in front of a stream. We would laugh, and talk, and giggle, and float in the stream for hours- while drinking diet coke out of cute girly cups.

That I did not have to back out in the rain for the 4th time today.

But alas- Dreams are free, and time is a wasting!

I am gonna quit shaking and get out of this big daydream of mine.

Love you bloggy buddies. I have to go get my cute plaid rain boots back on! It's Friday!


Shannon Marie Haggard said...

That was great! lol esp with the first line! Gotta love some Patrick Dempsey... (sigh) .... let me know when you decide to take him up on the offer.. LOL :)
Girl I have been setting up "wish lists" for fun online... talk about window shopping! Love it!
Have fun splashing around in the rain! ~ Love ya

Girly Muse said...

Thanks for taking us on that wish if we can work out the cabin one, I WANT IN!!! :)

Love ya.

Paula said...

Love the wish list! And maybe some of them will come true...I mean, every girl should have a coke fountain in her kitchen!! :D

Love you!

Rachel Coltharp said...

Love the dust leader! When you find him, and I am SURE it is a him, send him over to round up his troops at my house too!

Tiffany Bracken: said...

That is so funny that you have an "in your head' age! My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and the other day I was thinking, "I sure don't feel 31! I still feel something like 25 or 26 in my head!" Nice to know I am not alone in the land of subliminal denial!