Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dinner Conversations, Angels, and Heritage Sharing

We have been snowed-in at our house since Monday. I know that snowed-in and Arkansas are not the usual things you think about this southern state. But alas it has.

I have been the cook, childcare coordinator, bottle washer, and maid for four. John has been working from home as well.

We do our family devotionals at dinner time. Why? Because we are all there, bellies have been filled, so we have a captive audience. You would be amazed at the conversations that spring forth when your children know that you are listening. I know I have blogged about this before- but try it- it is a great bonding time!

Tonight Emma and Seanna wanted to re-hast this Sunday's Kids Church lesson. We learned about Samuel and the fact that GOD actually Talked to him. Emma asked John and I if God had ever talked to either of us out loud. I said no- but I have had several experiences with angels helping me.

Bam- I had their attention. I looked through my blogs and found that I have never blogged about these accounts. So this week I will try to blog about them.

Nassau Bahamas- The Break In

When I lived in Nassau I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. It only had one door which was at the front of the complex. The windows all had iron bars on them. One night at about 2 Am- I woke up to the sound of someone loudly saying Sister Cylinda. It was a man with an island accent. I was so sleepy I thought I was hearing things and went back to sleep.

I then heard it again more urgently- Sister Cylinda (that is what the people in the church there called me). I got up and turned the light on in my bedroom and said, "I hear you- I will be right there." I then heard the person more urgently call my name. I said. " I hear you- I will be right there."

I went into the living room and turned the light on- no one was there. I could not open my door, and I heard the dogs at the entrance of the apartment complex barking. I thought it strange and went back to bed.

The next morning- I called the local Pastor and asked who from the church would be at my apartment calling out to me at about 2 AM. He said no one that I know of. I also told him that for some reason my door looked dented and I could not open it up. He came by later and found tools outside of my door. Specifically tools to break into my apartment- a crow bar, sledge hammer, and other tools. The Lord used a familiar voice that night to wake me up and to keep the burglars away. They ended up having to take the whole door off and replaced it. Thank the Lord for angels that watch over us!


Now to the heritage part of this blog. Do you see how important it is to share these stories, these victories, these testimonies with our children? I am persuaded that this causes them to be more sensitive, to yearn for more, and to understand that their relationship with God is a real thing. It is not just an old book that might have something to say about our lives. It is alive, and relevant to every second of our day.


Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Thank you for blogging this! You have inspired me!

Girly Muse said...

That is the neatest thing!!! Love hearing stories like this...and to know that God did that for you...just makes me happy.

Love you.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Love this post! We had missionaries in service last Sunday night and I just sat in awe as Sis. Janice Alvear told story after story of God's protection, blessings, and guiding. We all need to be reminded that God still works today and there's nothing like hearing it from the one God did the work for.

Michelle Emmett Palmer said...

Wow, you have no idea! That has been the topic of conversation in my house the past few days. We are so hungry for more of God and so desperate to pass on this heritage to our children.
We just watched (on youtube) Bro. Stoneking preach about Angels and Unusual things...how timely that you would write this and that I would read it. Wheeew God is amazing.

Cylinda Nickel said...

That is awesome Michelle! God's timing is amazing!