Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mom- I missed the Bus Stop- Because I was witnessing about Dora....

Yes those were the words that I heard when my crying 8 year old stepped into the door this week. She was very emotional and needed a quick hug to get her through her next sentences.

How do you "Witness about Dora?" I asked.

She said the kids on the bus were all talking about Dora the Explorer and how cool she is. Emma told the kids on the bus that she met Dora at a concert in NC. She did meet Dora- well the voice of Dora- in North Carolina. She attends Bethel Church in Old Westbury, NY.

Emma was telling them how "Dora" was beautiful, and sweet, but most of all awesome because she was Pentecostal. They all quickly asked what is a Pentecostal? She said we believe in receiving the Holy Ghost by speaking in another language. She then went on to tell them that if it was important enough for Dora to have the Holy Ghost is must be important for them to receive it too.

All of this was going on right through her stop and she was so excited about it all she missed her chance to get off of the bus.

Every day as I drop her off at school we pray that God would open up a way for her to be a witness and a true Christian example to her friends. She said see Mom- today I did it again -and this time Dora and Jesus made me miss my stop.

I reassured her that anytime she was in the middle of telling her friends about Jesus she did not need to worry- she would be fine. She quickly told me that she would miss her stop again and that she needed a huge snack because witnessing took a lot out of her!

I silently thanked the Lord for allowing her to feel the excitement of being able to witness to her friends. There is nothing like it. May I have the sensitivity and the boldness of that special 8 year old to tell my friends about my “Dora” experience of Pentecost!


Amy said...

Awesome, love it!!! What a sweet story!

But who's Dora? the explorer? Sorry, I'm lost, but I'd love to know who she is, especially if she's penetcostal! :)


Andrea said...

This has got to be the most precious post, ever. What a sweetheart. WOW!! Hope you pack, Ms. Emma some awesome snacks from now on. I have a feeling she is really going to need them
Blessings and hugs,

Cylinda Nickel said...

Yes- Sorry- Dora the Explorer-

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

What a beautiful story! I pray that I can also be the way Emma is!I agree with Andrea you need to pack her some really good snacks from now on! :-) Thank you for blogging this! Love ya ~ Shani

Kathy McElhaney said...

I just wanna hug that girl!

Girly Muse said...

Oh that precious, delightful Emma. I love that girl.

My dad forwarded this to me and I just about wept as I read it...however, with're chuckling one sec and tearing up the next.

You've got a powerful soul winner on your hands.

Love you. Hug her for me.

Michelle Emmett Palmer said...

For reals? How cool. I knew I liked that chica! :-)
From the mouths of babes. love it.

Lynn said...

What a great witness, both your daughter and this story. I also learned something new about Dora! Love it and thanks for sharing it with us.