Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If you don't mind

I think I have blogged before that if I have to do an urgent project and I am mentally stuck on how to start- I will do everything BUT the project. Thus- this morning- I skipped over to my blog quickly to type this to you.

If you don't mind- I am going to share some silly things hoping that our brains will absorb this useless knowledge so that we can wow someone in the check out line at the grocery store today-


It is worth it....

1. 7UP was given the name because it came in 7oz bottles and the bubbles went up.

2. Coca-Cola was origionally green.

3. The hundred billionth crayon made by Crayola was Periwinkle Blue.

4. In 1985 Boise, Idaho, Mayoray election, there were four write in votes for Mr. Potato head.

5. Ketchup is excellent for cleaning brass.

6. People in China sometimes use firecrackers around their homes as fire alarms.

7. If you mix Sani-Flush and Comet it will cause an explosion.

8. The average purse weighs 3-5 pounds.

9. IBM's motto is "Think"

10. NERF does not stand for anything.

11. A Venus flytrap can eat a whole cheeseburger.

12. 107 incorrect medical treatments will be performed by the end of the day today.

And just because I like baker's dozens-

13. Strangest death of a pope? Pope Adrian VI died after a fly got stuck in his throat as he was drinking from a water fountain.

Happy Wednesday- Now I am off to do that report!

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Kathy McElhaney said...

Okay, now I just want to go weigh my purse...

Hope you got going on your project!

Love ya.