Sunday, January 24, 2010


Is a five letter word that
People live in

Is a five letter word that
Can not relate to

Is in the heart of those that
walk by me at the grocery store
drive their cars neatly into garages in the my neighborhood

Is what crushed dreams, lowered expectations
and hurts thrive on

is in the the hearts of many around us
it paralyzes them and tells them that

Things will always be this way
There is no hope
Things will never change
Your healing will not come
Your deliverance is not around the corner
And you are clinging to vapors

Chaos is what the Lord destroys today
He has come that you might have life
and have it more abundantly

He has come to breathe hope into you
To fulfill those dreams, those desires, to speak peace, of new beginnings and joy

Choas has to flee when Jesus steps into situations
He has always been known for
Making the crooked places straight
Breaking the chains
Releasing the fears from minds that have questioned
Healing the bruised
and bandaging those in need

So- for those of you today
Who question
Who hurt
Who swirl in chaos

Release yourself to HIM today
Release the chaos of your life to
Someone that HAS the power to change it

Give it over to him
and feel the lifting of the load
as he makes something beautiful out of the ruins of your soul

Chaos is a bad thing you might say...
But to my Saviour
My friend
My redeemer
My life
My Jesus
Choas is his specialization

I pray for you today- release it over to him!


Andrea said...

AMEN...HE is the only answer to the chaos in my life!!
Great post!!
Blessings, andrea

Girly Muse said...

Thankful for this post today! I know chaos very good to know He knows what to do with it...every kind.

Love you!

Paula said...

Sorry, I've been reading your blogs via RSS feed in my inbox but not responding. BAD FRIEND, I know. :)

So thankful that God can turn the 5-letter word "chaos" into another word: PEACE!!! He is my anchor and my strength. A very PRESENT help.

Love you!