Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just do it-

It will keep you up-
It will make you think-

It is well- Just do it.....

Today as I am thinking about one of the chapters and watching one of the videos that went with it- I just had to think about God's love and weep.

I have been gone from my kids now (I am in St. Louis) for 15 hours. I can't stop thinking about them. How much I miss them. How much I love them. {Now I love and equally miss John but for this blog I am talking about the illustration of a parent and child}. I think Wow- Seanna would love this- or Emma would giggle at this. Can't you see? That multiplied times 4,000 is how God views us. He always has us on his mind. He can't stop thinking about us. The god that created the universe, who prints the birth certificate of every ant, fly, and inch worm. The God that formed the delacate petals of the orchids- that same God loves me. He thinks about me. He misses me.

Now again think about your child. When they sit on your lap and just talk to you about your day, and just are with you because they want to be with you- don't you just love it? That is how HE feels about communication with us. He wants us to spend time with him- to share our secrets, our thoughts, our desires, to be at one with him.

Isn't it amazing to think that the God of the universe loves us that much? Okay well this book I promise keeps you up. I love the fact that it has great videos to go with it. I think I am a visual learner. Okay who am I kidding- I know I am.

Even if you don't read crazy love- know that you ARE loved.


ON a sidenote I am in St. Louis today- heading to Indy tomorrow. Kaylin (niece) is in a live recording at her college tomorrow night. There are also about 10 MKs in that area that I will get to see!

Have a great night- and just for my girls (again see the love) I pray for snow to fall so that they may gleefully play in it's white frostiness in the morning!

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Girly Muse said...

have a wonderful trip! there will be a sweet reunion when you return.

love you!