Friday, October 23, 2009

Can you help me? I ran out of GAS!!

Yesterday I went to meet a friend for lunch at PANERA - first PANERA trip since leaving NC!! Yahoo. I then picked up her dog that we are dog-sitting and drove home. While sitting in traffic on the WAY to meet my friend I noticed the red light- YOU NEED GAS- light come one. Oh well I thought I have plenty of time. Really?

I was about 10 miles from home- just got off of the interstate and onto the highway and my engine dies. Yep. Just like that. I quickly turned on my hazards, put it into neutral and prayed I could make it to the Exxon that I could see ahead. I think my angels must have gotten their robes dirty and help push me to the parking lot. I literally landed about 40 feet away from the pumps. Oh best part of the story that I am missing is that it is POURING down rain. I see a truckload of guys (truckload=4) and say to them- Excuse me- Can you help me? I ran out of gas.

They look at each other shrug and start pulling out change. The one guy says I have 75 Cents, the next pulls out a wadded up dollar, and the third has a handful of pennies, nickels, and dimes. I looked at them confused and said- NO I don't want your money- I need you to help me push it to the pump. Again- it is in the rain. They push the back, I am standing next to the steering wheel pushing, and we get it to the pump. The one guy in the back is yelling that I am angling it too far. I am thinking look buddy this is as much as this Honda Pilot will turn with no power steering. I thanked them and asked if I could buy them a coffee. They all looked at me like I was a weirdo.

$52.07 later my car started like a charm. I still am laughing that they probably thought I was like a druggie looking for my next fix while sitting 40 feet from the pump.

I called John to tell him what happened. He said- do you realize that this makes four times now since we have been married that you have done this? The only funnier time was when I was 8 months pregnant and was along the 6 lane highway. I saw the tractor lawnmower man and ran after him (I also forgot my cell phone that morning). He thought I was going into labor and was freaking out. He wanted me to stop, sit in the grass and he was going to call 911. I said- no- I just need your phone to call my husband- I ran out of gas.

So four times in 11 1/2 years of marriage is not too bad. How many times spiritually in the past 11 1/2 years have I ran out of gas?

How many times have I passed my prayer closet when my need fuel light has come on? How many times have I been too busy when I felt the nudge of the Holy Ghost calling me to stop and bask in his presence?

May my spiritual life be more sensitive to that beckoning- than my natural eye is to that gas light. I have a new appreciation for that little amber light on my dash. From now on- I think I am going to obey it- especially on rainy days.

Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving.

Col. 4:2


Girly Muse said...

Girl, DO not run out of gas. You're in Arkansas now. You're cute. Fill up that tank.

This reminded me too, of a certain boyfriend I dated..I'll refrain from mentioning names...but in the 8 months I dated him, we ran out of gas in his vehicle FOUR times. One was on the highway in Indy and we had to walk down a steep hill to get to downtown. Craziness.

Fill your tank. ;)

Kathy McElhaney said...

Okay, the guys pulling out money was just too funny!