Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some things that you might have missed during this week of non- blogging

- The girls had to get their hair done at church on Sunday since I was running late (shocking I know). When we were done- Seanna put the can of hairspray in my purse. I had to praise sing etc. I returned to my seat right before the preaching. I opened up my purse and about passed out from the fumes. The aerosol can of hairspray had been pressed and an entire (new) can of hairspray was now puddling in the bottom of my purse. Things were floating. I quickly grabbed my bag and went to a room. I tried to clean all of the sticky mess off of my epi-pen, wallet, cosmetic bags, credit card holder etc. The workroom was filled with a berry goodness smell. My friends kept walking by asking me if I had any hairspray they could borrow :)

-I was at the drive through for a McDonald's breakfast the other day. While I was waiting in line to pay a guy on the side of the drive through line was yelling out his order to the cashier. I was looking at him like what? He looks at me and says- hey it's a free country if I want to do the drive through like this I can. Do you have a problem with that? He then walks up to the cashier and pays for his food and walks to the next window to pick it up. I guess his system worked.

-While driving down the road yesterday I saw a guy that had no hood, two doors missing, and his trunk was flapping in the breeze. Wouldn't you know it I was on the phone and couldn't get a quick picture of it.

-Saturday we went to the Arkansas State fair- which really deserves a blog on it's own. I will summarize it to say Emma was obsessed by the pigs. We had to go one by one and look at all of them. She found one sow that was for sale. It was about two feet taller than me and probably three times my size. The gentleman came over to her and told her that it was for sale. She quickly with pleading eyes said- can we get it Mommy? The man said you can even littler box train them. I glared at him and said we don't have anywhere to put it. She said- it can live in my bedroom while I am at school and then at night sleep with me. The man enthused thought that would be perfect. I told him that I didn't know if our home owners association allowed animals with cloven hooves. Emma was devastated. I later laughed at the thought of that huge pig getting its hind-end in a litter box. Go figure.

-We late had to watch the pig races. Lindsey Lo-Ham was running against Miley Sow-rus, and Britney Squeals. Lindsey won. Probably the first time ever- but she won. Emma was delighted!

-So that is a glimpse into my last seven days. I hope you and staying warm, dry, and your days have been filled with laughter and the grace of God.

-Someone (no one will confess) has taken the remaining hairspray of the house and put water in it. I found this out yesterday while trying to spray my curls. They immediatly drooped and my head was filled with frizz. I though wow- this house must be really humid. Then tonight I was spraying Seanna's hair and it went from curly to flat in 5 seconds. It also had strange while bubbles all over it. I guess the invisible person also put hand soap in it. Hmmm I wonder who could have done that.

-The other night Emma asked to get out her mermaid tub set. She could not get the suction cups to release after she was done so she left it set up in the tub. At about 12:30 in the morning (while I was sound asleep) it falls into the tub. It was a double bang. I was so scared I fell out of bed. I did not tell John (he still doesn't know and does not read my blog) Shhh. I said in my sleep John sounds like some soda's fell in the fridge. Where did that come from? I did not know that is what I told him. I kept telling him to go and check to make sure the girls were okay. He said- they are fine-go back to sleep.

-So that is a glimpse into my last seven days. I hope you and staying warm, dry, and flu free. I hope your days have been filled with laughter and the grace of God.

-So that is a glimpse into my last seven days. I hope you and staying warm, dry, and your days have been filled with laughter and the grace of God.



Andrea said...

WOW...what an adventure. Hope you were able to rescue the purse from the sticky mess.
McDonald man sounds like a real interesting

Blessings, andrea

Girly Muse said...


better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere :)

such entertainment!

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Cylinda! I think there should be a ban on suction cups! They never stick when you want them to and then you have to fight like the dickens to get them unstuck when you are through. As for the pig, where do you get a litter box big enough and whose job would it be to clean it? Love you and your stories!

Paula said...

First of all, maybe you want to switch to aerosol hair spray?? :) Secondly, I'm sorry I missed all the pork fun at the fair!!! Sounds like great fun!!! :)

Love you much!

Anonymous said...

We did the "walk-thru" at a "drive-thru" on the way home from a band trip (eons ago). Inside was closed, and the bus couldn't go through the drive-thru. Got some interesting reactions.

What an exciting life you live!! :)