Monday, October 26, 2009

What you missed over the weekend

Our Church had a Hillbilly Camping weekend. Everyone that has tents and campers head out to a campsite in west Little Rock for the weekend. This year the theme was Hillbilly Camping. There was a contest for best camper, best hillbilly outfit, best hillbilly tent etc. Had a hillbilly fashion show and games. It was great fun.

Friday Night there was a bring your own hillbilly dinner. John, the girls and I went. The girls got to roast marshmallows, hot dogs and get toasty by the fire. They loved it. John was not fortunate in that he jammed his knee somehow and did not realize it until Saturday morning when he tried to get out of bed.

Saturday John and I were to help with the hillbilly games- but he could not go.

Hillbilly Games included:

1. Spitting Contest- Spitting Brussel Sprouts.
2. Hillbilly Horseshoes- Using Toilet Rings.
3. Cricket eating contest- had to see who could eat 5 the fastest.
4. Ladies Frying Pan throw.
5. Men's log throw.
6. Corn Cob Eating Contest.
7. Egg Throw.

They won various prizes like- Golden frying pan, Washer and Dryer (washer and clothespin), Hillbilly briefcase (men's briefs with handle), Hillbilly Jacuzzi (can of baked beans), golden throne (gold toilet seat for the hillbilly horseshoes), and money for the eating contest.

Saturday night was a hillbilly fashion show. It was all great fun.

Sunday we had only one Am Service (we usually have a 9 and 11). The 9 AM met at 10 at the campsite and the 11 at church.

Yesterday I tried to do laundry and clean the house. We also were still dog-sitting. The girls love Bella and were so sad to say goodbye to her this morning.

Here are some of Emma's funny outtakes from the weekend-

-She decided to make me oatmeal last night as a treat (yep I was missing the treat part of it as well). She poured the water and oats into the bowl added brown sugar and brought it into me. I said that is so sweet- is it already cooked? She said- I knew I forgot to do something.

-She asked me if there was anyway to turn her roasted marshmallow inside out so that she could eat the soft part first.

-We rented a movie for them last night - She did not like the ending- she said I hate that when it just kind of hangs you leaving :)

-This week was report cards for both of the girls. Seanna has her Dad's gene pool and got all A's. Emma has her mothers. She got all A's and B's. I always hold my breath when I go to her teacher conferences.

Happy Monday to all!


Andrea said...

How fun....
Blessings, andrea

Paula said...

This put a smile on my face -- from start to finish! :)