Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ten Years of Greatness!

This weekend is New Life Church's 10th year anniversary. We had service on Friday Night and then we are having a service today at 2 PM followed by a picnic in the park.

Sacrifice is the only word that I can think of to describe all Home Missions Pastors. They are some pretty amazing people.

To carve something out of nothing-based on a calling that God has placed on your life- is well- Biblical. Others that are similar are some of the Bible greats- Abraham, Noah, Moses, and the list goes on.

Home missions pastors have to get beyond the tiny factor. Tiny meaning sometimes you are preaching to your family and another couple. In Pastor and Sister Gaddy's situation the services were first held in the living room of a home. The main thing was they had the tenacity to make it to this point. Last Sunday we had 179 in service. We have a 9 Am and an 11 Am service to fit everyone. Their sacrifice is being rewarded.

Our family has only been attending New Life Church for 3 months. We have been welcomed, blessed, loved, and strengthened.

To ALL Home Missions Pastors, their wives and families- I celebrate you today. You are amazing. The voice that called and chosen you to do HIS work- WILL bring it all to pass.
Maybe you are only meeting with two or three today in your service- but don't be disappointed with the day of small things. It is the small acorn that grows the mighty oak. YOU are called, and GOD is standing with you!

To Pastor and Sister Gaddy, Madison and Landon- Thank you for enduring so that my family has a place to worship here in Cabot, AR.

Blessings to all-



Kathy McElhaney said...

Missionaries (Home and Foreign) are my heroes!

Cylinda Nickel said...

You and me both!