Saturday, September 26, 2009



I tried to get this posted by midnight- but alas it is 12:48 PM...Yikers

Today was interesting......

-I took Emma to School
-Got Dressed (yep in that order)
-Got Gasoline
-Got Gasoline all over me
-Got Dressed (yep all over again)
-Went to the DMV
-Found out that even after bringing 750 papers, a sample of 10 weeks of urine, and a frog leg that was slightly salty....I still needed more information for them.
-Went to Little Rock to pick up my DVDs for General Conference from Anita.
-Helped Miranda prepare food for the Church's 10th anniversary- I was already late so stopped and ran through the drive through for us.
-Drove home and arrived just as Emma's bus was pulling to the street- Stellar moment!
-Laid out the girls clothes, ironed John and My outfits
-Seanna came home- Ran to church to drop off tree (a dead one)
-Ran (well actually drove)to Tuesday Morning to buy two silver platters
-Came Home, made Emma an amazing Peanut butter sandwich.
-plugged in sets of hot-stocks.
-Got Ready
-Did Emma's Hair
-Did Cylinda's Hair
-Did Seanna's Hair
-Did NOT do John's hair
-Got to church at 6:40
-Found out that I read the praise sheet wrong and I could have been there at 7- oh well.
-Had an amazing 10th anniversary service - Way to go New Life Church!!!!

Came home at 12:15
-Hugged the girls
-Did not hug the hamsters
-Getting ready to hug John
-Going to bed

I hope tomorrow is not so busy- Wait who am I kidding- I leave on Monday for General Conference!

Love you all-

Huge slobbery hugs-

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