Monday, October 05, 2009

If I may- I am borrowing the term- General Conference Hangover

I read the quote of an MK - who said that she was suffering from a General Conference Hangover. I might concur with that remark! It was an amazing week~ but I am glad to be home.

I also want to start out by explaining my lack of blogging while I was in St. Louis. It has to do with four numbers- ready for them? 14.95. Yes,that was the daily cost for Internet at my hotel. I love you all but can't validate spending that when I had my phone for Internet "emergencies".

The week flew by- (Warning Alarm- this next bit is boring free to skip to next paragraph)
Monday arrival, getting last minute details ready for meetings.
Tuesday- meeting with Foreign Missions Directors of each state.
Wednesday- Booth Set up, MKM Team meeting,attended the Drama with my parents.
Thursday- 9am till 11 PM- Booth.
Friday 10-12 Ministers wife breakfast with my Mom. Booth 1-4, set up for the Pizza Bash. John and girls arrived at about 6 PM. John was sick and stayed in the room all weekend. He drove sick- and wanted to turn around but was a great Dad and brought his daughters to General Conference.
Friday Night 10-12 PM Pizza Bash.
Saturday 9 am till 11 PM Booth.
Sunday 9 Am till 3 PM booth.

We had a great turn out at the Pizza Bash. We think about 225 MKs. The OMT Team was there, most of the Regional Directors, and several of the Foreign Missions Board attended this year. It was amazing.

We had an 11 question Multi Media quiz based on old pictures of our MKM team and other FMD leaders. The winning team received $10.00 I-tunes card for each person at their table.

The Spammies (similar to a Grammy but consist of a can of spam signed by the MKM team) were given out again this year. The first one went out to to Alaiyna Turner- for being the newest MK. She and her family were just appointed this year to the country of Turkey. Joy Tracy- received the second Spammie for attending a function after she had been asked several times. The final Spammie was based on audience participation- voting on the best bald head. The Spammie went to Andrew Flowers!

We had prayer- and when I tell you we had prayer- the LORD SWEPT into that meeting room. Lives were changed, hearts were mended, direction was given, God stepped in and took over.

The Mini-Dell went to Amy Votaw Hartmon. We of course could not make it too easy on her. We called her up- gave her a jar of Mini-Dills and said you didn't think it was a computer did you? She walked all the way back to her seat and we called her back for her real prize!

Thank you to the Robertson Girls who did an amazing job in decorating the room. It was beautiful in black, white, and hot pink.

MK Ministries has a great team- it is able to accomplish what it does because of those who have led before. Thank you to Rob Rodenbush, Rob Harris, Robert Johnson, Loretta Scism, and others who have set a solid foundation for this ministry.

The Lord blessed us with more partner in missions, and many first time MKs connecting this year.

Today I am trying not to do a thing. I am doing pretty good at it so far :). John is doing much better and is at work today. Seanna, however, is at home sick with a fever. She is so worried about missing school. I can't imagine being 10 and being worried about missing school. That must have been something passed down in John's genetic side of the family!

Thank You
to my gracious friends who waited until 11 PM for me to have dinner with them. They know who they are- and that is what true GC memories are made of.

Thank You
to Mark Hattabaugh, Carla Burton, Kaylah Robertson, Tessa Robertson, Chvana Robertson, Laurissa Wolfram, and Jon Cantrell who helped at the booth. Huge Hugs and I hope you have a week of unmerited favor!

Happy Monday Gang.

PS- I am making headway. I was longing for home when leaving General Conference and knew that home was in Arkansas. I was not mentally dreading the 13 hour trip to North Carolina but embracing the 7 1/2 hours to Little Rock. Life is good!


Melinda said...

The MK Bash - like you - was amazing. I love you!

Paula said...

I (a)gree with Melinda. The MK Bash, and you, are:

(a)bsolutely terrific

Better drink more coffee...


Cylinda Nickel said...

you all are too sweet! It was a team effort! Glad to see your faces there! Love you all!

Melissa Hineman said...

sounds like it was an amazing time! missing you as always!


Cylinda Nickel said...

Missing you to Melissa- Sigh. When is Christmas?