Monday, July 20, 2009


1. Why do people ask- How are you? and walk away before you can answer?

2. Why is it that you can have 5 pairs of scissors in your house and never find one?

3. Why is it that it is hard to wake up mostly on Monday Mornings?

4. Why do kids ignore the No whining signs you post in your rooms?

5. Have you ever noticed that true friends can follow your conversation topic changes within sentences and fringe friends look at you with wide eyes that say- did you know that you just changed the subject mid- sentence?

6. Why does Crayola make markers that call themselves "Super Tips" does that somehow make all of the other markers in the box feel inferior? I have tested them- not finding them so "super" so far.

7. When a hostess ask you if you need smoking or non have you ever answered both?

8. I think it must be really easy for Hippos to floss.

9. What happens if my neighbor finds out I go on his internet illegally every time mine is out (like right now).

10. I never thought of snakes falling out of trees onto my head unto my friends Kim and Tom told me it was a common thing when in boats.

11. When you are reading a book and something jumps out at you it's great. When you want to find what jumped out at you to read it again- or tell someone about it- it is gone from the book. It is like a giant sneaks into the room eats out those paragraphs and they are gone!

12. Do the horses in the merry-go-rounds get dizzy? Do they also scream when someone heavy sits on them. Do they all fluff their hair to attract the cute kids?

13. Why is it that I have a magnet inside of my head that attracts the slowest cashier? I also head straight to the chattiest one in the group. The one that starts random conversations about all of the things she is ringing up for them. You like cereal? Really that is crazy because my family eats it too. Have you tried the new Cruncha Muncha brand on aisle 11? It is great! What? You have Never heard of it. Well let me call Billy to get a box for you. The box arrives. Billy that box has a rip on the top corner can you get them another. At this point I want to scream- no one eats Cruncha Muncha Ceareal. STOP BEING SO NICE ALREADY.

14. I can't end on odd numbers so I have to come up with another random pondering. This involves you....What would you attempt to do with your life if you knew you would not fail?

Happy Monday!


Savannah Smiles said...

Go back to school

cltgrace said...

Get this book outa my head & onto paper. Thanks for asking!

Paula said...

I hear ya on the slow cashier...I've got that magnet, too. Never ceases to amaze me. Almost like I should put a sign on my back "Don't get behind me in line" so as not to jinx those behind me as well.

The other day - in SA - I had a line picked out. Wasn't the 'express lane' but I thought it was a good pick. One of the store managers came and got me out of that lane and brought me to the express lane. Immediately, the debit card machine messed up, and of course, the lady in front of me needed to use a card, so here I am. Waiting. Meanwhile, 10 people went through the lane that I WAS standing in...ARGH!!! :D :D :D

Cylinda Nickel said...

Lol- and let's not forget the time when you were here in Cabot at Wally Wold- and I was waiting on my cash back that no one seemed to care about :) Gotta love it!