Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you kidding me?

The label on Emma's scooter said: "This product moves when used." Things that make you go really?

So I had to google and see if I could find more Hilarious Warning labels. Here are some of my favorites:

On a bottle of dog shampoo: "Contents should not be fed to fish."

On a baking pan: "Ovenware will get hot when used in oven."

On a blanket: "Not to be used as protection from a tornado."

On a fishing lure with a three-pronged hook: "Harmful if swallowed."

On a 12-inch CD rack: "Do not use as a ladder."

On a carpenter's drill" "Not intended for use as a dental drill."

On a Japanese food processor: "Not to be used for the other use."

On a cocktail napkin with a mini map of Hilton Head, South Carolina: "Not to be used for navigation."

On an insect spray: "This product not tested on animals."

Inside a six-inch plastic bag: "Do not climb inside this bad and zip it up. Doing so will cause injury or death."

On a shower cap: "Fits one head."

On a can of pepper spray: "May irritate eyes"

On a toilet" "Recycled flush water unsafe for drinking."

These made me laugh today - especially the Duh Moment ones. I did think of some of the instructions that God has given us though that we totally ignore. We somehow don't think that they apply to us: Loving our neighbors as ourselves, the 10 commandments, the Be attitudes and more. What is your label saying about you today? Have you taken inventory lately to see what you are projecting?

Happy Tuesday!


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Girly Muse said...

This is SO funny!!! Crazy.

Jim and Linda Poitras said...

Read this to Linda. She hooted, snooted, and cried!